Monday, May 6, 2013

6mm WSS Project - More Progress

Four bases of 6mm British WSS infantry
I'm continuing to make progress on my 6mm War of Spanish Succession project.  I am working on two "Starter Army" packs from Baccus, one French and one British.  The French one is mostly done, and I'm now working on their Allied opponents.  Here are a few pictures.

British infantry - Grenadiers on the right (left of the picture)
More British troops
I'm doing the British Starter Army up as a British/Allied force.  I've finished six bases of horse - I did four British regiments, and two Hanoverian ones - and four bases of dragoons - three British and one Dutch.  I've also finished the artillery - three bases of British guns and one base of Dutch - and I'm now on the infantry - with four bases of British troops finished to date.

British field artillery

I believe this is Hamilton's Regiment...
I have four more bases of British/Allied infantry to finish, as well as some British/Allied officers, and then it will be on to the dismounted dragoons of both sides. Baccus makes dismounted dragoon packs so you can represent your dragoons fighting on foot.  I don't know how often this happened in the War of Spanish Succession, but I guess it happened enough that there are figures to represent it.  I'm saving that step for last.

Bases of British & Allied horse and dragoons

Dutch Dragoons (mounted) - "Knopff" Regiment, I believe
I have also managed to finish the three buildings that game with the Baccuss War of Spanish Succession Polemos Starter pack. They were pretty nice models to work with - good detail.

Hanoverian horse regiments

Baccus buildings - these came witht the "Polemos Starter Pack"
So out of a total of 60 bases of infantry, cavalry, artillery and officers you get with the starter army I have finished 45 of them.  Slowly but surely I'm getting there, and I hope to do a game for the group sometime before the end of May. Unless another project intervenes.  Always a possibility...


Francis Lee said...

Beautiful little pieces of goodness, very nice work.

Ray Rousell said...

Nice work Greg!

MurdocK said...

very good works in that small scale

Curt C said...

Brilliant work Greg! I particularly like the cavalry stands - great colours.

DaveV said...

Very cool project!

Harold said...

Great to see your WSS coming along so nicely - great work. Just finished the same starter armies Ann working on terrain now. Greg, (dumb question alert), how do you distinguish ordinary mounted from dragons in the Brits? Is it the dragons that have the mounted drummer?

Greg B said...

Harold - thanks for your comment. As for your questiony, you are correct - Dragoons had drummer as musicians, while the bases of Horse have a trumpeter.

But in the end a lot will depend on labels on the bases too :)