Friday, March 20, 2009

Shake 'n' Bake - the photos

Here are some photos of the game last night, to accompany Greg's excellent battle report below:

Germans had to get from bottom left to top right in 20 turns - what could go wrong?

KV-85s lurk...

Here kitty kitty...

Nice kitty kitty...

Tigers vor!!

Greg did a great job on these models.

SU-85s "shaked 'n' baked"

The culprits

T-34's (top) move out to engage the Panthers. It will end in tears...

T-34s on the Russian left flank

German armour

Coffins for (many) brothers

Infantry targetted by artillery

KV-85s supporting Russian "crunchies"

Thanks for the game, Greg, it was awesome!

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Dusty said...

All those burning T-34's - oh, the humanity!
The Brigade commander may have won the 'Hero of the Soviet Union' medal for fighting off all those Fascist Pioniere but it was off to the Gulag after that for the loss of his brigade.