Thursday, June 13, 2024

Fantasy Sampler

 I haven’t posted in a while so I figured I’d show you what I’ve been working on lately. I initially started working on my old world Warhammer Empire Army. I’ve been using Wargames Atlantic conquistador infantry as my Empire State troops. The models are great and easy to paint. The torso are in one piece so all you have to do is attach the arms with the appropriate weapon. I finished a unit of spearman and halberdiers on 25mm bases. I also finished two great cannons and a mortar that are from Gamezone Miniatures in resin. I was in the process of finishing the crew, but decided to pivot and start working on various models I’ve collected for several fantasy skirmish games. I picked up rules for Frostgrave, and forbidden psalm a while ago, but got discouraged by the need for various monsters and beasts to complement the games. I was inspired to give it another try after playing in Dallas’s dungeon crawl murder hobo game he put on at Prairie Con. The murder hobo fits perfectly in the Forbidden Psalm lore. They would also make a pretty good faction for an evil Frostgrave war band. Both Frostgrave and Forbidden psalm require a large group of models to act as a beastiary and I’m challenging myself to work through a large collection models as quickly as possible to make up this beastiary. I’ll have to find the right compromise between quality and quantity, as well as efficient time use. 

My first experiment is with Hero Quest goblins which will act as generic goblins for the various games. I used contrast paints and managed to paint them up very quickly. They won’t be winning any awards, but they’re basically just game pieces so it’s not worth painting them to a higher standard.

Primarily from Otherworld Miniatures. The scarecrow is from Northstar.

A mix of bits from GW, Northstar, Mantic Games and a HorrorClix werewolf.

United for a Frostgrave warband 

Very old Hero Quest goblins painted with contrast paints from GW.

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Codsticker said...

I'm really impressed with the Wargames Atlantic Conquistadors as Empire Troops; it never occurred to me to use them for that purpose but they would fit in perfectly.

Greg B said...

Looking really good Mike!

Dallas said...

Those look great! I just bought "Forbidden Psalm" myself, we'll have to have a game soon! I have a bunch of models en route from Eureka (their "Heironymous Bosch" chaos guys) which will be great in that game, as well as making up another Idols of Torment gang, which is why I originally ordered them :-)

Alan M said...

They all look brilliant, but particularly impressed how the conquistadors look. I have some of the Foundry ones and they would match up nicely.