Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Steel Legion Vehicles

 I’ve been painting lots of guardsmen since the summer and it’s a sizeable force now. The only problem is they lack any vehicles, which is a problem for Imperial Guard. Ive had numerous tanks assembled, but I’ve struggled with what paint scheme to give them. I experimented with several camo schemes, but I just don’t have any interest in painting camouflage anymore. I thought about going desert sand colour to match the helmets, but I couldn’t get fired up about that either. In the end I settled on early war panzer grey to complement the german uniform greatcoats the infantry wear. This isn’t the most exciting, but it is quick and the tanks look good clumped together on the table. I completed 2 chimera’s for the Infantry platoons, 1 Armageddon Basilisk and manticore with upgrade bits from Models and Minis in the US.

I love this add-on. The missiles are contained in the rear launcher.

Very well designed!

A real pain to put together and required lots of boiling water.

Now off to paint some battle tanks!

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Dallas said...

Those look great - I don't think you need any battle tanks though. No, definitely no battle tanks.

Greg B said...

Great job Mike. I agree completely with your feelings on painting camouflage...and I find that "not feeling like painting cammo anymore" can indeed last for years :)

I'm sure Dallas' troops are not at all concerned at this armoured buildup. All totally routine, no escalation or anything.

Rob D said...

Surely the imperial guard motto is that you can never have too many tanks ( or guardsmen).