Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Back to the Minotaurs!

 Quite some time ago I was working on my Space Marine repaint project -The Minotaurs. I have a few units left to complete and resolved to complete them all before the end of September. Most of the remaining units are vehicles. but I have on infantry unit remaining. These are Vanguard Assault Marines armed with power weapons and storm shields. The Minotaurs have a strong Sparta theme going and Pop Goes the Monkey have numerous bits available specifically for the "not"-Minotaurs. The spears, shields and heads are all from PGTM. The bits work perfectly and my only complaint is that the resin used by their manufacturer (Shapeways) is quite brittle and I've already had one spear break off. 

I also finished my 3rd HQ unit, the Librarian with jump packs. This model has gone through quite the ordeal. The legs are not his original legs. Those were removed long ago so his torso could be placed on a space marine bike. For the re-paint I decided to give him legs again. the originals were long gone, so I had to find a suitable replacement from my bits box. He's now re-legged and equipped with a jump pack from PGTM.

Next up will be a Rhino and Drop pod.

Thanks for visiting!


Dallas said...

Great looking Minotaurs man - love the pop of blue against the gold armour.

Greg B said...

"Re-legged"! Amazing work Mike. Everything looks really good, well done.