Friday, July 26, 2019

Ye Olde Trip to Nottingham

No painting to show off in this post (well, no painting of my own anyway) but I wanted to put up a few pictures taken on our recent trip to the UK. Needless to say, it was awesome, and started off with a few days in Nottingham, the spiritual and temporal home of British wargaming.

I do have a very loving and indulgent wife but wanting to keep it this way, I planned only two serious wargaming stops here - the first of course being Warhammer World. We'd visited here before, on our first trip to the UK in 2009, but that was before the big makeover and expansion of the WHW museum. Fortunately Pam told me she was happy to sit in Bugman's Bar with her book and coffee while I explored the expansive new museum space.

 Outside of course is the M113 made up to look like an Ultramarines Rhino... cool...

 We arrived bright and early, just before the 10am opening time. Not excited or anything...

 In we go!!

On the way up to the museum space, the infamous Golden Daemon Slayer Sword!

And right away, you get a dose of Warhammer history. I love the nostalgia factor of this stuff, takes me right back to my own beginnings in the hobby as well.

The dioramas are just great too. If memory serves this one's by John Blanche his own self.

Dave Andrews contributed this excellent piece depicting a Bretonnian tournament scene. Please excuse the reflection - you'll be seeing a few of those.
Another diorama just full of old-school detail.

Had to take a couple pics of Mike McVey's iconic depiction of the death of Sanguinius and the final confrontation between the Emperor and Horus. EPIC!!

What I wouldn't give for a cast of the figures in this piece, or even a conversion recipe. Although the current Forge World Primarch models are no doubt amazing, I love these ur-depictions of the characters we've known for 30 years as part of the Heresy mythos.

We'll come back to some old stuff soon, but the newer dioramas were most impressive as well. Here's one featuring World Eaters mustering for campaign.

Models in this one were straight-up Forge World pieces.

Mixing it up... a scratch-built Thunderbolt fighter by Dave Andrews, Golden Daemon winner.

Yes, the Squats still exist at Warhammer World. Good to see GW embracing this controversial part of its past :-)

Another giant dio featuring over 300 specially-cast Cadians on parade. Pretty impressive.

"My ships may lay at anchor, but my foes know full well that BIG GUNS NEVER TIRE" (or something)

The burning of Prospero - Space Wolves vs. Thousand Sons - with terrain completely bespoke for the diorama.

How about that - even Space Wolves can look cool ;-)

The centrepiece of the museum had to be the "Battle for Angelus Prime."

Over 5,500 models, parts from 1,200 scenery kits, 23 feet long, 12 feet wide and over 20 feet high... wow.

Back to reality for a sec... some of the original 40K models in this case. The museum space was chock-a-block with painted armies from Warhammer Fantasy Battle (R.I.P.), Warhammer 40,000, and Age of Sigmar - too much to photograph, but I got one more pic:

BIG HATS! My first WHFB army - Chaos Dwarfs. Still have 'em, and these guys are fantastic.

McVey contributed another classic diorama.

Forge World's big boys were well-represented too.

Love the weapons on their platforms! Honestly, there was so much cool stuff to see in the museum, I could have (and did) stay for hours... I think I nearly ran the camera out of memory I took so many photos.

Back out in the gaming hall a school tournament was in progress. Good to see the future of the hobby here. Of course there's also lots of opportunity at WHW to partake in some retail therapy... plus, models are eligible for VAT refund if you have the retailer fill out the correct forms for you, and remember to claim it back before you leave the UK. I did the first thing, but not the second... boo. In any event, I have a nice Adeptus Titanicus battlegroup and some great modelling books to remember my visit by.

I'd mentioned above that we made two wargaming stops in the area. The second was just outside the village of East Stoke...  

A bit off the beaten track but WELL worth the visit, Wargames Foundry HQ sits in a cute little farm complex.

Inside, a lovely gaming table and even more lovely racks upon racks of wargames models. Kid, meet candy shop...

One cool thing was the display cabinets all about the place, each rammed full of beautifully painted Foundry and Citadel models. I had to get some close-up shots...

 Genestealer Magos and friends.

Some of the original Chaos Warriors.

Titans from the original Adeptus Titanicus.

New obsession: the second Barons' War. I picked up the new Osprey on Lewes and Evesham 1264-65 while in the UK and a visit to Lewes Castle and the ruined Priory did not help matters...

Gotta have a close-up of those knights. Sweet! Of course the credit card was exercised here a bit as well, another great thing about Foundry HQ is that standard packs are only 10 pounds instead of 12 by mail order. Can't afford NOT to indulge!

Oh, and we did some other stuff in the area as well, including having a drink in (what's claimed to be) the oldest public house in Britain, "Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem", 1189. Pretty awesome. Can't wait to go back!


L'Empereur Zoom 13 said...

Great visit repport!
We visit Baccus 6mm workshop in july and your repport give Us an new idea for a new trip in England!

James Martin said...

I'll be damned, I was just there yesterday! The Skinflint Annual Pilgrimage - it's quite a place, isn't it?

Codsticker said...

Fantastic! That trip is on my bucket list.

DaveV said...

Great report and fantastic photos!

I hope you and Pam had a great time on the rest of your vacation.

Dallas said...

Thanks guys, glad you enjoyed the post. It truly is a bucket-list kind of place :-)

Wouter said...

Thank you for the walkthrough, it's been a while since I last visited (must have been near the start of the new millenium), looks like there are plenty of new gorgeous pieces while they retained the golden oldies (Mike McVey's Horus vs the Emperor remains one of the best ones for me).

Mikko said...

Thanks for a fun post, seems like a great trip! White Dwarf 183 features an extensive article on Mike McVey building the Emperor and Horus diorama.

Michael Awdry said...

What a fabulous pilgrimage.

Greg B said...

Great stuff Dallas. Looks just amazing...that Horus/Emperor diorama is just a classic, must have been so cool to see up close!

Curt said...

Awesome! Looks like you had a fabulous time. Looking forward to seeing your titans and Barron's War stuff in the coming months.

Dallas said...

Thanks again for the comments lads! @Mikko - thanks so much for that tidbit! I went and pulled WD183 off the shelf and had a flick through last night. Great stuff! Now I have to track down the "Modelling Guide" that describes how McVey converted up his Emperor model!

JamieM said...

Great stuff, I get spoiled by going to WHW a couple of times each year and it’s just as good every time I go.