Friday, June 28, 2019

More Knights - and a building(!) - for Adeptus Titanicus

Some more Adeptus Titanicus painting...three more Knights, and a building.
A few weeks ago I added three more Knights to my Adeptus Titanicus forces so as to be able a full "banner" of six machines for an Adeptus Titanicus demonstration game we were hosting at Prairiecon XL.  Well, here yet again is another trio of Knight models - this time for the loyalist side of my collection.

More Knights for the loyalists...more targets for Horus...
I don't have much time or interest in the back story of the Imperial "Knight Houses", but these models are really tremendous.  They can be painted relatively quickly, but there is a stunning amount of detail on them, which will reward the extra effort if you want to dive in.  I tried to split the difference, going for a pretty straightforward paint job, but pulling out some fun details here and there.

Amazing detail on these models.

They also come with great decal sheets, and they make SUCH a difference, very, very cool.  I made liberal use of the decals, and wow, do they ever help make these models even nicer.

Thermal cannon...gets results!

Gatling cannon...scratches paint...not much more...
The Knights are also represented well in the re-booted Adeptus Titanicus rules. They are small, yes (I mean, it's all relative, but they are small compared to the Titans), but they move quickly, and in a group the "banner" can really cause damage to enemy Titans.  Some of the Knight weapons are scarier than others - for example, I do find the "avenger gatling cannon" to be a fairly useless weapon in the Adeptus Titanicus game (in a game of Epic 30k, that would be another story).  But the battle cannon and thermal cannon can bring the pain - particularly if the Knights get close, and start making hits from inside enemy void shields.

I now have two full strength "banners" to deploy in my collection - one each for the loyalist and rebel factions.

Building assembled from the bits in the new Adeptus Titanicus box set.

The buildings kits are great - very modular, and can be assembled in all sorts of ways.
The building is assembled from the new Adeptus Titanicus building bits that came with the new game.  They are really can build them in a bewildering number of different ways.  The downside is that you have to paint them...I'm slow to paint terrain.  But every so often I get to it, and I finished this one building quickly while painting the Knights. 

Updated collection photo showing the loyalist and rebel forces.
Legio Gryphonicus maniple and allied Knight Household support.
Legio Mortis and allied Knight Household support. Horus for hope!
Stay tuned for (hopefully) more painting progress to appear soon...thanks for visiting the blog, and have a great day!


Lasgunpacker said...

Quite a pair of forces you have accumulated there!

This latest entry with the knights is quite good, and with some painted terrain to hide behind, maybe they will make it to close combat against the big boys.

Wouter said...

Very detailed kits, they look amazing and I think that your brushwork and colourscheme only enhanced these models.
The building looks great too.
Quite a collection you already got, it almost makes me want to start collecting my own.

tim said...

Some really spectacular additions, Greg!

Still like the red and purple of Legio Mortis the best...

Moiterei_1984 said...

Bloody impressive my friend!