Sunday, March 31, 2019

Random Painting: Citadel Horned Dragon and Forge World 40K Apostate Preachers of Nurgle

Some more fantasy painting to post today - a vintage Citadel Horned Dragon picked up recently on eBay. The MDF base was supplied by Conscript Byron's Northern Lights Terrain - cheers Byron!

Just look at the character in that face! This model was sculpted by Nick Bibby, my favorite dragon sculptor of the vintage era. In case you're wondering what he's up to nowadays, I can tell you that Mr. Bibby is a prolific fine art sculptor.

He's created some amazing pieces, including a series of sculptures of England's champion animals (blackface sheep, shire horses, Angus bulls and the like) and an amazing 15-ft tall Kodiak bear commissioned by Brown University.
Bibby's bronzes sell for thousands of pounds nowadays, which makes the $40 or so I had to give for this wonderful vintage dragon seem something of a relative bargain.

For those who aren't familiar with the Horned Dragon, here's a couple pics with human-sized models to give a better idea of scale. Above, the knight from the Citadel Adventurers box I painted recently.

Here's the Dragon with an Otherworld adventurer. 

Finally, some WIP pictures. As was noted by one of the Conscripts the other night, with today's amazingly detailed injection-plastic kits, we tend to forget how much work these old metal kits take...

Wow - you could nearly drive a truck through those gaps! I ended up pinning the two halves of the body together, but the rest of the parts are held just with superglue and greenstuff (fingers crossed).

Lots of greenstuff!

I used a new primer on this model - Rustoleum Painter's Touch "2X Ultra Cover Paint and Primer". Well, I can say that it does what it says on the tin. It was shocking how well the paint covered with just one pass. Recommended.

Lastly, here are some models I pulled out and painted on Saturday afternoon - these are the Forge World "Apostate Preachers of Nurgle" that I've had in my "to paint" Plano case for a year or two. Whilst browsing TMP on Friday I saw someone's excellent work on these models posted on coolminiornot, and decided to just get off my arse and paint mine.

Pretty straightforward paintjobs, these - mostly Catachan Green/Death World Forest highlighted a bit with a lighter mix of DWF, and washed with Agrax Earthshade. I think they turned out fine for a couple hours' work and they'll fit in well with the Renegades.


Michael Awdry said...

What an awesome beastie!

Greg B said...

Great work Dallas - that Dragon is a classic!

And those "Preachers" are excellent as well - may be time to blood them soon in another Vraks-themed game?

MurdocK said...

All hail the wonders of green stuff!

Neil Scott said...

Great looking Dragon

Curt said...

Fabulous old skool dragon, Dal. Great work!