Thursday, February 28, 2019

Painting Challenge Submission 13 - 28mm Austrian Grenzers for the SYW

"This way, lads!" Austrian Grenzers for the Seven Years War - 28mm figures from Front Rank.
And now something...well, not completely different, but just...a bit different, a slight adjustment to the control dials of historical periods.  These are Austrian Grenzers from the Seven Years War. The castings are 28mm metal figures from Front Rank.

Lovely reds and greens...the Christmas skirmishers!
The Seven Years War is another one of those long-simmering-but-never-boiling gaming interests of mine.  I do love gaming the Austrian side in just about any conflict, and my real heart-and-soul Austrian interests have been found in the Napoleonic wars. I have a small-but-healthy collection of Napoleonic Austrians, and have played some wonderful games with Curt and the crew over the years.  Curt was the one who pointed me in the direction of the Austrians when I we first got to know each other and I was just getting interested in Napoleonic gaming.  Of course I was hooked, and this has just increased over time. I love Austrians!

Love the animation of that officer...he looks ready to jump right into action...
Ah, the lovely long hair, tied with a black ribbon...
Following this into the Seven Years War seems(ed) like a natural step. The Austrians were a major participant in the wars, still wore cool white uniforms and had very cool-looking units. But I haven't yet dived in...I have done all of the preliminary things that help one get set up for a new period - like amassing a considerable amount of supporting info on the uniforms etc.  But I haven't yet tackled the painting part of fact, my Austrian Seven Years War collection in 28mm so far amounts to a single unit! have to start somewhere, right?

Another view showing the kit, canteen, blanket roll and sword.
Anyway, I found these Grenzers while rummaging around in my pile of shame last week.  Inhabitants of the "grenz" - the border areas between the Austrian and Ottoman Empires - the Grenzers were fierce fighters and fine light infantry/skirmish troops, a nice dash of violent flexibility for a military establishment which was otherwise quite hidebound.

These poor figures have been sitting in there, primed, since 2013. That's six years ago! Yikes! I saw them and I thought it would be fun to just knock them off.  After all, the Grenzers wore some pretty fun colours in the Seven Years War period. Why not crack open the paints and enjoy! I flipped through some handy Osprey colour references, and came across the Carlstadt Liccaner Grenz. Red! Cool! Off we went! 

Ready for some skirmishing...
The figures are from Front Rank. I have not painted a lot of Front Rank figures, but wow, I really like them.  They are hefty, "well-fed" and have a certain character to the sculpting and posing that I just love.  And they are so fun to paint!  These guys were a treat.

These are based individually so as to represent a skirmishing formation for rules such as "Black Powder".  Grenzers always seem to be skirmishing, so I thought this approach most appropriate.

This is now, technically speaking, a second unit for my Austrian Seven Years War collection...hey - progress is progress...right?


john de terre neuve said...

Very nice Greg. I had not realized that the 7YW Grenzers were in red. I have painted a couple units of FR Napoleonic Grenzers in brown. The red ones are quite nice.

Now I am trying to remember if you are a Jets or Oilers fan. Tragic about the Oilers but I just have a sense you are a Jets fan. Great team it must be nice having a contender to cheer for. I am not sure when the Habs will be back in contention, but I was at the most recent game between the Jets and Habs a couple of weeks ago. Best game the Habs played all year, even my wife who I dragged there enjoyed it.


L'Empereur Zoom 13 said...

Beautifull red!

Wouter said...

They look fantastic!
Cracking good job picking out all these details.

DaveV said...

Love the colours you used. Great work.