Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Check Your 6! meets Dawn of Aces

Awhile ago I hosted crews from both The Fawcett Avenue Conscripts and Dawn of Aces. I first met Sam and Wilton when they demo'd Sam's WWI air combat game, Dawn of Aces, at Jim-Con. IIRC, aircraft activation is randomized, and planes move according to templates. Damage degraded their maneuverability and speed. Also, there is limited fuel and ammunition. Sam also made some very neat paper model biplanes for the game.


We played a variation of the "Initial Encounter" scenario from the Battle of Britain book. We added some Me-110s (German twin-engined heavy fighters) to have some dogfighting.

Within their first couple of turns, Sam and Wilton got the hang of the fundamental dicta of CY6!: it's best to have both altitude and energy. One can trade altitude for energy, but maneuvering or climbing eats up energy tout de suite!

I got to try out my new Cigar Box ocean battle mat, with 3" hexes. Below, Sam maneuvers one of his Spitfires as Wilton looks on.

Camera Roll-1092

Bill and Frederick  ran some Spitfires, and most of us quaffed beers.

Camera Roll-1093

Spitfires cause some air-frame damage to a bomber!

Camera Roll-1094

Splash one bomber! Another Ju-88 and a Spitfire have also taken damage.

Camera Roll-1095

Camera Roll-1096

A sharp fight erupted as the fighters mixed it up. Several fighters ran out of ammo. Below, a Spitfire falls to the cannons of a Me-110 Destroyer.

Camera Roll-1097

Below, Frederick, Bill and Wilbert look on as some of the the bombers manage to reach the Royal Navy at anchor.

Camera Roll-1098

Camera Roll-1101

Below, the butcher's bill. Losing a whole flight of bombers cost the Germans the game.

Camera Roll-1100

Thanks again to Sam and Wilton for participating in our Thursday night shenanigans.

Sam expressed an interest in Sedition Wars. I will have to run a scenario...

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