Friday, June 17, 2016

Otherworld Miniatures Pig-Faced Orcs

Back in 2009, I picked up a blister pack of the superb Otherworld Pig-Faced Orcs sculpted by Kev Adams. I enjoyed them so much that I subsequently bought a bunch more when they went on sale from a US vendor. The recent Otherworld game I staged at PrairieCon gave me some impetus to finish off painting the group.

The two character models in the foreground are from Command Set #2. The Orc holding the banner has been converted extensively - he started out holding a halberd and shield. His right arm was cut off and replaced by a hand and banner from the GW Chaos Marauders sprue. In his left he holds a sword liberated from a plastic Skaven plague monk.
Crossbow-orcs come three to a pack and I bought one pack of those for some long-range firepower.

Two more crossbow-orcs here along with some energetic weapon-wavers.

Their boss - "El Porco". I love the pig-faced helm and heavy armour on this chap.

These guys with the two-handed weapons are great, if seeming somewhat awkward. Maybe it's just me, as I would swing a two-handed weapon "left-handed" and these guys are all righties.

Converted banner-bearer.

Shaman of the tribe. Another great model, and I'm cool with how the "characters" are actually noticeably physically larger than the grunt-orcs. Shows how they ended up being bosses I guess.

Anyway, that's the Pig-Faced Orcs. I really enjoyed painting them and I think they look great on the table. There's no school like the old school!


Greg B said...

These are fantastic Dallas - "El Porco" in particular is awesome, well done.

Bill said...

They look great! I keep meaning to pick some of these up at some point.

Dallas said...

Thanks guys! You know what they say - "Go pig or go home!"

Curt said...

These are just awesome. Love the noses.

Dallas said...

Thanks dewd :-)