Thursday, May 15, 2014

Puppets War 40K Ork Warbus and War Buggies

Escalation has been the watchword in gaming activities this year, including but not limited to Warhammer 40K. We've planned some massive games for later summer and fall, and preparation is well underway - we've been working on terrain as well as new models like our Imperial Knights. And there's more to come!

So in this spirit, I've completed some new models for my Rogue Trader-era all-metal Space Ork army. I just posted a writeup on my Forgeworld Flakk Gun, and this post will show off some non-GW (but very cool) models from a Polish outfit called Puppets War.

This is the Orc Warbus. I already have one of them in my Ork army but in connection with the Flakk Gun project, I wanted another (you'll see exactly why, just below).

The Warbus is a cracking model indeed. It's a hefty chunk of solid resin and comes in several parts: cab, bed, rear cap, "cow-catcher" plow, mirrors, machinegun barrels, rear mudguards, wheels, and optional tracks (together with other greeblies like window grilles and passenger benches for the bed). The parts tend to be a bit brittle and can be difficult to separate from the runners. They also have a slight tendency towards miscasting in places - but that's not too much of an issue with this model as it's an Ork vehicle after all ;-)
I added the stubber I had left over from the Imperial Knight I built earlier this year.

The model went together without major issues - unlike the first one I built which required significant plasticard/greenstuff intervention.

The model was painted GW Khorne Red with a light tan stripe - GW Rakarth Flesh. The whole vehicle was treated to a wash of Agrax earthshade or Nuln Oil (sorry I forgot which) and weathered extensively with sponge chipping, Tamiya mud-pen, and powder.

I just love the bolted-together ramshackle look...

You can see the racing stripe a bit better in this shot. I did some significant weathering on that.

Flakk gun fits nicely in the cargo bed! I sank two locating pins in the bed (visible in the top-down photo) that slot into corresponding holes in the base of the gun model.

Ready for action! Look out, IG Vendettas...

The other bit of my Puppets War order were these two War Buggies.

They come with the option of flamer, stubbers or rocket launchers. I liked the flamers so that's what I went with.

The fuel pipe is a bit of wire cut and superglued to fit. Nice and flexible to accommodate a crew-ork.

The flamer operator is a spare RT-era heavy-weapons Ork from my "inventory". All I had to do was cut off his base tab and glue him in. he's painted to match the rest of the force, in "Red Star" camo pants.

Here's a better view of the flamer fuel tank and crew-ork.
The buggy is pretty easy to assemble - it comes as a chassis with separate wheels, light pods, fuel tank, weapon and exhausts.

I distinguished the two models by painting a stripe on one, and this one without.

I just love these old RT metal Orks. So characterful and mean-looking, but not over-the-top like much of the current range.

I highly recommend the Puppets War stuff for its cool design and great value. The Warbus cost 25 euros and each Buggy rings in at 15 euros. Shipping is very reasonable too, at 4.99 euros for the entire order.

Looking forward to getting these guys out on the battlefield this summer!


greggles said...

That bus is great. Throw a huge deff rolla on the front, and have some boyz hanging out the window, and it's a great battle wagon.

Like the buggies as well. Hoping they still exist in the new codex!

Samuli said...

Excellent miniatures! Love the bus! Just needs a few Grots frantically fixing the thing and Boyz hanging from it and leaping to battle from aboard :)

The buggies are also very well done!

Have to check out Puppetswar again. I hadn't realized that they do vehicles like this too. Though it's been a while since I last checked their site

Greg B said...

Awesome work on these Dallas. Can't wait to try and strafe them all with my Elysian gunships...I'm sure nothing will go wrong with the big flakk gun...

Anonymous said...

I so want to see this as a Turnbull AC ork battle bus.

Curt said...

Awesome work Dallas! That bus is the bomb (or a bomb)!!

Jason Meyers said...

Great stuff! Love that bus.

Allison M. said...

I think the buggies are my favorite, they're just so well designed (and painted of course!). The bus would make a good armoured command vehicle... if orks used such things.

James Martin said...

Love the bus, so very Orky - especially with the racing stripe! I used to put Ferrari decals on my old Evil Sunz warbuggies...

Is there any way to email you guys? Stumbled across your blog by accident and I want to send you my ruleset to see what you think (20mm Cold War Sci Fi)

Dallas said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!

AE - you can now contact us by email using our new "contact us" gadget over on the right side. Just fill in the boxes and send us a message!