Monday, December 16, 2013

Poll Results and New Poll

One of the cool things about Blogger is the ability to create polls for our visitors. On our blog the "Poll" is always at the top right of the page.

Our last poll asked:

Traditionally, model vehicles for wargames haven't been put on scenic bases. However, there's a modern movement towards basing vehicles for aesthetic and practical reasons. Do you think vehicles should be based for gaming?

Twenty-seven of you voted, and the results were as follows:

Yes, 15mm vehicles but not 28mm vehicles
  13 (48%)
Yes, both 15mm and 28mm vehicles
  7 (25%)
No, vehicles should not be based
  7 (25%)

So, an overwhelming majority of three-quarters of you thought that 15mm vehicles should be based! Interesting!

New poll coming up about priming models in cold weather.




Lasgunpacker said...

I voted "brush prime" but the result did not reflect that.

Anyway Gesso is how I prime most figures now, and it is pretty fast.

ByronM said...

I think you missed Airbrush primer as a choice Dallas.

One that I have not done yet, but am seriously considering as an option. It has no smell, can be done inside without the mrs yelling at you (as long as you "Put a damn tarp down on the carpet this time!"), and can be done year round.

There are several good airbrush primers out there, in fact I own 3 different ones, yet for some reason keep putting them on with a brush instead of an airbrush.... damn lazy government employee....

Cameron said...

AIrbrush primer is the way to go. I was living in Vancouver and couldn't prime outside lots of the time due to weather. I have only airbrushed primer for the last two years. I can do it in any weather. I can do just one model at a time. I get a consistent, thin coat of primer. I can use different colours. The primer itself is cheaper (one $8 bottle has lasted me the two years, and I still have almost half left). The only downsides are the cost of the initial set up and that airbrush priming is slower overall.