Saturday, December 21, 2013

Byron's Mad Plan for Curt's 4th Annual Painting Challenge

So with a few of the Fawcett crew in on Curt’s 4th Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge I thought I would post a bit of my plan for the challenge and see what the rest of you have in place for long term plans, or see if you are just winging it.
First up, my main goal is to complete 4 infantry sections for each of the 10th and 16th Battalion of the CEF from WW1.  I have already submitted one section from each Battalion and have another in the works for the 16th.  To go along with these as opposition I am aiming to finish at least 3 infantry sections and 2 HMG sections for the Germans.  This should give me a good solid base to host WW1 games with.
The first of hopefully 4 sections of the 16th Battalion.
My second goal is to get a unit of 28mm French Napoleonics done.  This was something I had promised Curt a while back, that I would at least give them a go.  Well, now is the time.  What I didn’t realize is…. WOW that’s a lot of damn Frenchies….  32 models in a unit!! Ouch!
My third goal is to clean up some of the many Gamer ADD induced purchases and projects.  Just a few of which include a TONNE of FoW stuff, some Dystopian wars ships to round out my French fleet, a Malifaux warband, an infinity squad, some more Sedition Wars figures, and more.
Part of my cleanup.  I put these together and based them over 6 years ago,
then never did anything with them...  they were not even primed!
Those were my goals going in, then Curt sprung a surprise on us at the last minute.  There were going to be bonus rounds. Hmmm… now I have a fourth goal.  There will be 7 different bonus rounds and my goal is to submit entries for at least 5 of the 7.
Here are the themes, dates, and my plan of attack.
·       December 22: Non Combatant(s) – Old Woman (done)
·       January 5: Villain(s)  - Nurgle Demon Prince
·       January 19: Vehicle – Dystopian Wars French Skybase
·       February 2: Hero or Heroic Group - ???
·       February 16: Casualty / Casualties  - WW1 Casualties
·       March 2: Favourite Character  - ??? Something Cthulhu based
·       March 16: Last Stand - ??? Maybe Necron Centipede

My Demon Prince has already been converted and is just waiting
to be primed up and painted.    Now that I am done the non-
combatant figure he will start to be painted this week.
So, that’s my mad plan of attack, and at my current pace, maybe even do-able.  However, despite my recent pace I will not say it’s a sure thing.  That damn Gamer ADD is sure to kick in at sometime.  At least any new projects that I have planned are all Kickstarter based, and therefore according to Greg, never likely to happen.
I know that Dave is not directly involved in the Challenge, but is trying to paint up his Sedition Wars force during the same time.  Which, if accomplished will be quite a feat for him, since it will likely quadruple his painting output of the last 2 years! Sorry Dave, we all love you, but painting speed just ain't your thing. 


Phyllion said...

Well, you've made an impressive start already Byron! Look forward to seeing more.

Loki said...

A great start Byron and sounds like you have a good plan

Robert Herrick said...

It's always nice to A) have a plan, and B) produce such lovely work from your brushes.

I look forward to your entries, and how your Canadians and Germans develop.