Saturday, December 2, 2023

Steel Legion vehicles and more Doomed

 I finished two more vehicles for the Steel Legion. They're from Mortian Models and represent another Chimera and Hellhound. My game with Dallas showed that the stormtroopers need a more dependable ride, so they'll get the chimera. I painted the unit markings blue to represent the vehicle detached from a different company. The Hellhound turret weapons are magnetized and also come with different weapons to represent the different options for the vehicle. These are the last Mortian vehicle I have. I'd like to pick up one more Russ from them, but they're being re-designed and aren't available yet.

Comparison to GW Chimera

I also completed a third unit for The Doomed - The Inheritor Courts. They represent the last remnants of law and government in the world and are supposed to be some kind of techno-knight. I didn't paint them up as grungy as they should be a bit more put together than the other factions. I used a mix of Bretonnian Men-at-arms, Frostgrave soldiers, a space marine and a Chaos Warrior. I do hope to actually put on a game soon.

An assortment of warriors and minions for the knights

A Judge and a Sheriff to lead the rabble.

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irishserb said...

Beautiful work! I had to come back and look at these again, I liked them so much.

Dallas said...

Nice work here man!!

Greg B said...

Great work on these Mike. I really like the look of the alternate models.

"We could always use some more vehicles" - the mantra of every wise Imperial Guard player.