Tuesday, May 7, 2019

A Few More 10mm FPW French Fellows

10mm Franco-Prussian War castings from Pendraken.
Not too much painting happening these days, but I'm chipping away here and there at a "small" project - 10mm Franco-Prussian War.  These are castings from Pendraken, and they are really quite amazing - very small, of course, but sculpted in cunning fashion so as to give you little bits of detail here and there to jump on to.

While these figures might ultimately accommodate a number of different rules, I am aiming to use them for Bruce Weigle's "1871" grand tactical rules.  In this case, each base of infantry would represent one battalion, and each base of cavalry would represent two squadrons/half regiment of horsemen.  So the three bases of infantry would represent an infantry regiment, and the two bases of horse would represent a cavalry regiment, etc. By using this sort of scale, it will be possible to play some of the large battles from the Franco-Prussian war - or at least, large parts of them.

The Pendraken figures have cast flags on them...I thought this was a terrible idea - and to Pendraken's credit, you can order separate flag bearers with empty poles and then use paper flags - but the scale is small, and as flags go, the French one is pretty straightforward...my free-hand is nothing to write home about, but I'm starting to like the look of the painted flags in the small scale.

So there are three bases of French line infantry:

In any scale, those Second Empire french uniforms are just lovely.

Ready for a charge after softening up the Prussians with Chassepot fire...

Incredible detail for 10mm castings!
And two bases of Chasseurs a Cheval:

Love the animation in these little sculpts!
Again, amazing details for 10mm castings.
Still not enough 10mm chaps painted for a game as yet, but getting there slowly-but-surely. Watch this space for more progress (I hope!). Thanks for visiting, and have a great day. 


Jonathan Freitag said...

Your latest outputs for your FPW look really good, Greg! I use the same organizational scale (BMUs of infantry battalions and two-squadron cav) for my FAW project but in 15mm.

Phil said...

Outstanding 10mm units, looks great, painting and basing!

Phil C said...

The units/bases look Awesome! stunning work on the minis -

Curt said...

Great work dude! Love those 10mm models.

L'Empereur Zoom 13 said...

Wonderfull painting ans basing!

Neil Scott said...

Excellent brushwork

Wouter said...

These look really sharp, excellent details for the scale.
Great job painting them!

Moiterei_1984 said...

Wonderful additions to your collection Greg!

PaulMc said...

Hi there, great work on those figures. What base sizes are you using?

Greg B said...

@PauMc - Thanks very much!
These bases are the same size as the "medium" bases used in the Flames of War system. They are 2" wide, and 1.25" deep, with the rounded corner.

PaulMc said...

Thanks for your reply Greg. I've already bought a French starter army from Pendraken for this period and I intend to use 1871 rules. What other base sizes do you use for cavalry, artillery and command? I feel the ones recommended in the rules are too small and I really love the effect you've produced with your figures.

Greg B said...

@PaulMc - the only other bases I have been using are the small-size Flames of War base (which I think are something like 1.25" wide and 1" deep). I use the smaller one for artillery pieces and crews, and for the officers - although the more senior level command (like a Corps or Army command) might require a larger or custom base when I get to it.