Wednesday, July 22, 2015

More Gothic Ruined Buildings from SG2 Creations!

"Building" (see what I did there) towards the big Horus Heresy mini-campaign/mega-game later this summer, it's up to me to organize the terrain. You've read here before about Conscript Byron's awesome laser-cut MDF stylings, including the fantastic Gothic ruined buildings I built and painted some weeks ago.

Well there's more - Byron's come out with a new Gothic ruined building, plus a "corner kit" of four ruined corners. I just had to pick up a set of each!

The ruined building is great. It's a bit longer than the other design and not as tall, but it's designed in a matching style so it'll look great with the others on the table. As usual in my build, I added ground texture and broken bricks for a more ruined look.

Some basic spray paint, acrylics, washes and weathering powders completed the build.

Here's the four corner pieces that come in Byron's set. Nice for completing a tabletop tableau.

Finished to match the other buildings we'll use for our games. Nice stuff as always Byron!


Simon Quinton said...

Lovely job they look great.

Greg B said...

Great work Dallas - I remain in awe of anyone who can paint terrain, and this is terrific work :)