Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sons of Horus Heavy Support Troops

Heavy support for Horus, our last hope!

A little more 30k collection escalation.  Not as impressive as Dallas' recent addition to the Loyalist motor pool (see here and here), but these fellows may be able to help against them.  As Dallas has mentioned, one of the wonderful fun things about playing the 30k Horus Heresy period is the immense scale of everything, from the massive vehicles to the larger, hard-hitting squads.  There is never just one of anything, when their could be five or ten.  Embracing this spirit, here is a Devastator Squad from the 16th Legion, armed with lascannons.

The Warmaster would like to wreck your stuff...

Again, the embossed legion logos on the shoulder pads are highly addictive...once you use them on one squad, I sort of want them on every squad

Extra power cell for the cannon is hooked to the back pack
These are Forge World figures wearing Mark III marine power armour, my favourite armour set from their Heresy range of figures.  The Mark III marines have a dark, proto-medieval feel about them, particularly when armed with the heaviest "portable" (and I mean that in a relative way, as in portable for a Space Marine) weapon in the game.

"Target that Spartan over there..."
That is where that crazy sort of out-of-control aura of 30k comes in - why have just one lascannon, when you can have five?  This squad will be able to put useful dents into the heavy armoured vehicles of the duped loyalists and fools who cling to the fading light of the False Emperor.  They will also come in handy against any Terminator squads that show up out of the blue.

A lot of segmented bits on the Mark III armour...a very cool look
The squad can, in fact, round out to 10 troops with lascannons.  That sounds like fun, and is probably something I will do at one point, but there are other things that probably should be painted first.  The Sons of Horus need some more vehicles, in particular. 

I tried to use the flechette-shaped devastator squad symbol on the other shoulders, but the decals were tricky to use
I've painted about 25 models for the Sons of Horus over the past couple of months, and my painting attention is starting to wander a bit - time for some more WW2 stuff, I think.  But the overall buildup continues...


Millsy said...

Very nice as always! That chap on the right looks like he's about to fall on his @rse :-)

Iannick said...

Very cool, in a completely over the top kinda way ;-)

Dallas said...

Awesome! Will need to invest in some armored ceramite for that Spartan...