Monday, April 14, 2014

Welcome to Planet Intermodal (28mm Shipping Containers Review)

Conscript Byron is a man of many talents. Ace gamer, talented painter, computer gamer extraordinaire, Ducatista... and as it turns out, a dab hand with a laser cutter as well!

Byron's new business enterprise located at (fairly rolls off the tongue doesn't it??) produces all kinds of fun and funky laser-cut MDF terrain and accessories, as well as acrylic markers for all sorts of games.

As we all know, shipping containers are the kind of thing you can never have enough of. The AT-43 ones are great but now that the game is out of print, they're practically worth their weight in Forgeworld resin. You can get fold-up paper ones but who wants to use paper stuff on their table?

Enter Byron with the solution... laser-cut MDF shipping container kits. I bought some and they're great!

They assemble quickly and easily with just white glue - model clamps can be handy too but not necessary. Each container comes with an optional ladder piece as shown.

As you can see they look much cooler than paper and they're easy on the wallet as well. I undercoated mine with Krylon flat black spray and painted with GW Base paints (Khorne Red and Castellan Green). The branding was obtained via a most-excellent website called Brands of the World that has vectored logos for most world brands (and many fictional ones too, as you can see). I printed out the logos at an appropriate size on my colour printer, cut them out, and applied them with white glue.

The ends of the containers are nicely detailed with simulated doors. The containers are a perfect size for sneaking around too :-)

Great product Byron, and best wishes for your burgeoning business! Check Byron's laser-cut madness out at SG2 Creations.


Greg B said...

No containers for Binary Petroleum? :)

Those look awesome.

Kevin Holland said...

Those look really good!

Well done, Byron!

ByronM said...

I finally got around to registering a real domain name Dallas. So it's a bit less of a mouthful....

Allison M. said...

Mmm whole containers of Fruity Oaty Bars! Shiny!

DaveV said...

I saw these up close when Dallas attended the X-Wing Miniaturizes tournament the other day. They look great!

I look forward to assembling and painting the ones I got from Byromn; I see some Tyrell, Weyland-Yutani, and Umbrella Corp. containers in my near future.