Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sedition Wars Project - Progress Report #5

I finished some drones for my Sedition Wars Vanguard forces.

2014-04-12 14.47.05

In the game, Hurley the Tactical A.I. is an expensive piece, but adds a lot of firepower and provides anti-nano-virus defense.

2014-04-12 14.49.04

Hurley also has the ability to field and operate three types of mini-drones (namely, Attack, Sentry, and Shield drones), to support the Vanguard infantry.

2014-04-12 14.47.33

2014-04-12 14.47.15

Zenithal highlighting: primed with Black P3 spray, airbrushed white highlights. Multiple thin glazes of Games Workshop Thraka Green washes were laid on. Further highlights were added using P3's Necrotite Green and Menoth White Highlight. Pushing the contrast this way really brings out areas like the tops of the guns. The bases were painted with various acrylics and oils.

2014-04-12 14.50.54

I figured that the A.I. drones (being functionally expendable) would not be as well maintained as the personal armour of the Vanguard Samaritans. Accordingly, I did some light weathering, adding acrylic paint chips, and some stains using oil paint dot filters. Optics (like the Sentry drone's glass cover, or Hurley's gunsights) were painted in Conscript BrianH's "gem" style.

2014-04-12 14.51.43

Hurley's hull was slightly miscast, so I added some battle damage.

2014-04-12 14.48.11

Next up, 4 more Vanguard named characters (Tech Comm Kara Black,  Corpsman Morgan Vade, Captain Kara Black, and Barker Zosa).

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Greg B said...

Great work Dave - I love those drones. Neat sculpts...they have some character, even though they are just AIs...