Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Poll Results: Will You Buy the New 40K Imperial Knight?

Our most recent poll was on the topic of the new Imperial Knight model for Warhammer 40K. Both Conscript Greg and myself jumped in with both feet on this one!

But what do you think? We asked:

Games Workshop has released the new Imperial (Knight) Titan model for 40K. Will you buy it?

No - I don't like the model.
  5 (8%)
No - great model but too expensive.
  16 (27%)
No - don't play 40K.
  25 (42%)
Yes - it's fantastic and I don't care what it costs.
  9 (15%)
Yes - the only question is how many I get!!
  4 (6%)

About 40% of the respondents don't play 40K, but of the rest of you who do, about two-thirds either don't like the model or think it's too expensive. But a solid 21% of respondents think it's great and plan to buy one (or more)! I think that for a model that costs well over $100 ($170 CAD retail) that's a pretty good strike rate for GW.

So congrats to Games Workshop for bringing out this great model. It's just too bad that for every Imperial Knight we seem to also get a Taurox...

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