Monday, October 17, 2016

More 20mm WW2 Randomness - 76mm Russian Gun

"Get that barrel lower - the fascists are STRAIGHT AHEAD!"
Here is some more random 20mm WW2 painting. This is another project which had been sitting on the desk, primed and base coated for like a year, and once I cleared off the German odds and ends from the same corner of the desk, I thought I should just finish this off as well.  This is a Russian 76mm gun.  The gun, the crew and the accessories are from the Plastic Soldier Company's very nice line of 1/72 scale plastic kits.

I built this more as an experiment than anything else - I had not attempted a large gun in 20mm scale yet, and this seemed like an easy one to try.  The kits from PSC are very, very nice.  In this case the gun could be built either as the 76mm or as (I think) a 57mm AT gun.  I felt the 76mm was a bit more "iconic" so I went with that for the model.

1/72 model kit from Plastic Soldier Company - highly recommended!

I believe the Red Army used these 76mm weapons both as direct-fire support weapons and as indirect artillery support.  I am one of those gamers that hates having indirect artillery pieces of any size beyond medium mortars on the table. But in this case I thought it would be great to have as an AT gun for the modelling skillz, however, were not strong in this case - the gun still ended up with a bit of an elevation.  This is a good reminder not to let go of a model piece before the glue is actually dry...
PSC gives you everything you need - gun, crew and accessories...

I really have to credit PSC for the all-around excellence of these 1/72 plastic kits.  And I generally hate plastic kits, so I don't praise them mildly. With PSC you get nice guns, nice selection of crews and accessories like ammo boxes and spent casings.  You really get everything you need in one fell swoop.  I guess they could throw in a base or something, but since every gamer has their own preference for basing,  I don't blame them for leaving that out.

Something for the German players to watch out for when we try 20mm WW2...

This gun will defend the motherland in games of "Battlegroup", "Chain of Command" and maybe even "Bolt Action", and give the German panzer and infantry commanders some pause...

Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Few Random 20mm WW2 Germans

20mm WW2 German infantry- figures from Wargames Foundry and AB
After a long run this summer painting 30k stuff, it was time to switch painting gears.  I haven't painted any WW2 stuff in quite some time, and I have an appreciably sizable "pending pile" of the stuff, so I thought I would paint a few bits just to keep in practice.

A handy panzer faust out front...

These figures are mostly 20mm Foundry WW2 Germans, with a few from AB mixed in for kicks (and because the little range of Foundry WW2 stuff is profoundly limited). The AB castings are a little smaller (18mm, I think?) but mix in just fine overall.

On balance these would be mid-to-late war Germans, I think - particularly the chaps in camouflage smocks.

Iconic MG team pose - those fellows are AB castings
There is no particular plan involved in painting these figures - generally, they will help round out a German Panzer Grenadier platoon for games of "Chain of Command" or "Battlegroup", but I picked them because they were already primed and had been sitting around on the painting desk for a while.

Some chaps sporting rifle grenades mixed in the back
I found it to be slightly tough sledding to recall which colours I had used to paint these guys previously, but after a bit of trial-and-error I pretty much got it matched up and was able to finish them off without too much trouble.  I usually struggle with German camouflage, and this was no exception, but I aim to get "close enough" and this pretty much does that for me.

Ready for action on the gaming table
The Foundry figures were sculpted by the Perry Twins, I believe, and are wonderful figures.  But the AB castings are a true joy to paint - I don't have many of them, but that will change soon! I just wish some AB Russian infantry were out there somewhere...

Overall this was a reminder to me that I need to spend some more time writing down my painting "recipes" for different periods and settings.  While I'm tearing through a particular project, I settle on paint combinations that I get comfortable with, and just assume I will always recall them.  That didn't happen too easily this time around, something that will probably not change as I look didn't seem THAT long since I touched a WW2 figure, but I guess it was (the 2014-15 Painting Challenge maybe?)...can't trust the memory forever :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

For JaimieM - Delegatus Computantis of XVI Legion

"Gentlemen - the Warmaster has sent me to assist with your leveraged buyout requirements..."
Through the summer I have been painting a steady amount of 30k stuff.  I'm actually surprised I have managed to stay this (relatively) focused for this long! But the time has come to shake things up, at least a little bit, and start painting something else.  Before I put away the 30k brushes for a little bit, there was one last figure I wanted to finish...

Some background is in order.  During Curt's last Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge, I accepted a number of "side duels" with some of the other participants - and was duly trounced.  One such duel was a "Horus Heresy side duel", and while I managed to paint a fair bit of 30k stuff, I was still defeated by Jamie M.  And so, to the victor, the spoils - I told Jamie to name his victory prize.

Fancy red robe to try and stand out while on assignment for Horus...
Jamie suggested an appropriate figure might be an officer from the Sons of Horus to be attached to his growing force of Word Bearers, sent by Horus to keep an eye on them. This was an excellent idea, and although it took me months to follow through, I have finally gotten around to getting the job done!

Brass etch stuff is handy for butchering an XVI Legion icon on to a shoulder pauldron...
Senior officers in the Space Marine Legions all seem to have bogus latin titles amid fairly bloated command structures.  Who would Horus send to keep an eye on things with the Word Bearers? Well, I present to you a "Delegatus Computantis" of the XVI Legion - a genetically constructed blend of super soldier and accountant.  Who else would you send to keep an eye on a bunch like the Word Bearers? As skilled at managing hedge funds and collateralised debt obligations as he is at orbital drop assaults, this officer has been designated for assignment to the Word Bearers.

The Sons of Horus all seem to affect a blend of ennui and repressed homicidal anger. Hard to see that fitting in well with the nutters in the Word Bearers. I doubt this guy will relish his assignment. I can see Aurelian boring him at meetings with readings from *cough* "devotional texts". Meanwhile Lorgar and the rest will probably be trying to conjure a means to "accidentally" catch this space-REMF with the backwash from a Stormbird...

Sorry it took so long Jamie! As soon as I can figure out a safe packing, this chap will be on his way over the Atlantic to take a place in your traitor forces.  With the red robe and borderline-pimp-style cane, he is trying to overcompensate amid the tide of fanatical believers filling the Word Bearer Legion...I hope he draws some fire for your fellows, if nothing else!

Just need to pack him up safely for shipping...
This fellow marks the conclusion of my 30k painting run of late - time to turn the brushes to something else.  The break might be brief - I am a 30k fanatic after all - but it's good to spread the mania around.  I need to get back to some other periods and's October in Winnipeg and that means many things.  The return of the NFL! The return of the NHL! Thanksgiving! And possible snow flurries in the forecast... Curt's next painting challenge will be on us before we know it!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Reinforcements Encore - Predator Tank for the XVI Legion

Treads for hope!

The reinforcement parade moves to the motor pool this week.  Here is a Predator tank for the XVI Legion. I have to once again recognize and thank local gamer Steve B for putting this !#$!#$ing thing together for me...these Rhino upgrade kits don't always proceed smoothly for me...but thanks to the skills of Steve, I was able to paint another asset for the Sons of Horus.

The Predator was once part of the core of a Space Marine armoured forces - Rhinos to carry the troops, Predators to the support them, Land Raiders to do both, and Whirlwinds to back it all up.  Of course the vehicle lineup has expanded significantly over the years, but I still wanted a Predator to have a "classic" shout-out in the lineup for  my Sons of Horus forces.

Forge World has found a design that blends the classic Predator with the new Rhino - it's lovely
In game terms the Predator is OK - decent armour, an interesting assortment of weapons to choose from, helpful for your Legion chaps as they slug away at their particular mission - but there are only so many "heavy support" spots on your roster, and the current 30k lineup is so full of Crusade-era goodies (like these and these) that using up a spot for a Predator is a bit of a downer.

The Eye of Horus is always watching...even from an access ramp...
So the Predator for me has a nostalgia value as opposed to value as a clever force selection.  Full credit to the Forge World guys for sticking with a design that matches the original model released to support Rogue Trader.  While the armament selection available now has become quite exotic (melta weapons and conversion beamers are available for the turrets, for example) the look is still very much a shout-out to that original model.  This makes me think so much of the original Space Marine figures. Great stuff!

Brass etched icons are not cheap, but they come out soooo much nicer than the decals

View from a Titan's perspective...

And based on that nostalgia I opted for a weapon load-out that reflected the original model - the "autocannon" in the turret and lascannons on the sponsons.  A flexible fire support mix that will chip in usefully while hopefully drawing fire away from elsewhere.

Bring on the loyalist fools!
There is just one more 30k figure I needed to paint as part of this little run I started back in the is connected to the thrashing I received during the side-duels of the 2015-16 edition of the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge...that will be up always, stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New Contemptor Dreadnought for Sons of Horus

"Will you welcome the Warmaster?" Contemptor dreadnought for the XVI Legion

More fresh forces for the XVI Legion in this post.  This is a Contemptor-class dreadnought armour for the Sons of Horus.  Somewhere inside the machine is the near-death remnants of a Legion Marine, wounded seriously in action and deemed "worthy" of being permanently entombed in a powered and armoured walking machine. He gets to live on, fighting with his battle brothers through this big suit of power armour.

Heavy plasma gun - a very scary, all-purpose weapon useful for cooking loyalists to just the right consistency of heated vapour...
Life in a dreadnought likely sucks for the Marine inside (even though the fluff tends to portray them as these wise old veterans that somehow manage to hang out between battles). But it's great overall for the Sons of Horus as they benefit from having this fellow strutting around the battlefields of the 30th millenium, zapping enemies with a heavy plasma gun, dousing them with a flamer (inside the mit of the power fist) or just straight-up punching them to bits with a super-large power fist.

Dreadnoughts are a bread-and-butter support system for Space Marine forces, and the Legion marines are no different - save for their "Contemptor" variants are more powerful and perform better than the 40k variants.  Equipped with a heavy weapon, a close combat weapon and some decent armour, the dreadnoughts are very versatile in the battle, able to engage hard targets like vehicles or sweep away infantry.

View of the power plant etc on the rear - I suspect the carbon emissions are an issue...

Forge World has released Legion-specific sculpts of the Contemptor dreadnought hulls for just about every Space Marine Legion (or maybe all of them by now?) and this model is the hull for the Sons of Horus.  The XVI Legion as a group has some, er, "issues" ongoing *cough* and you can tell by the design of their Contemptor dreadnought - lots of skullz and spiky bitz seem to inform their "world view", I suppose a reflection of the grim future and in particular their home world of Cthonia, in which the principal economic activity appears to be murder.  No wonder they want to follow the Warmaster - they need some hope!

Anyway, back to the dreadnought, the original model had too many skullz for my taste, so I shaved quite a bit of that silliness away prior to painting.  In particular the pile of skullz hanging from chains between the legs, and the bunch strung along the left leg. It's still pretty spooky with those things removed, with spiky bitz on the legs, "hips" and torso, but at least there are no skulls hanging from chains on this particular model.

I quite like this version of the shoulder plate - and the big power fist is ready to smash things in the name of the Warmaster...
The skullz may be lame, but I quite like the XVI Legion iconography on the torso and shoulders, so overall it was worth the hassle.  I augmented the sculpted markings with just a few decals, including some of the weird geometric scribbling decals normally found on the Word Bearers, courtesy of a "Betrayal at Calth" decal set.  With the spiked features and ominous icons, he already appears to be on a bit of a dark path, but I think the designs add a pleasant little hint of additional corruption.

"Let's go for a walk...a walk of hope...that's right..."
This machine will join a "Contemptor Mortis" I painted last year to double up the dreadnought support available for the Sons of Horus. Looking forward to a Horus Heresy game soon for him to make his debut!  As a newly painted model, I'm sure he won't blow up on the first turn or anything like that... 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Again With Reinforcements - Sons of Horus Heavy Support

The Warmaster has some direct feedback to share...

Again with the reinforcements! Yes, the flood of new troops for the Warmaster's own XVI Legion continues.  Well, maybe not "flood"...but five Legion Marines hauling lascannons would be enough to potentially wreck the day of most loyalist commanders. That is what we have here: a heavy support squad wearing Mark III power armour and armed with lascannons. One model is sporting a comb from the Mark III office upgrade kit, and all the models have the embossed shoulder plates with Sons of Horus markings. These will join five similar models painted in June of 2015 to "round out" the unit into a full heavy support squad of ten figures hauling lascannons.

The new paint jobs don't precisely match the prior paint jobs, but it is close enough, and as a group, they look like an intimidating bunch.

Sergeant in Mk III armour - also carrying a handy targeting/command computer
A regular heavy support Legion Marine drawing a bead with his lascannon

The weapon configurations of these Legion units - Tactical Support Squads and Heavy Support Squads, all equipped with the same weapon - are one feature of 30k gaming that stands in contrast to the configuration of the Marine forces in the more "traditional" 40k setting.  It brings to mind the Eldar and their Aspect Warriors - armed to the teeth with multiple "special" weapons.  The Legion Marines, not limited by the 40k fluff of small Chapters limited to 1000 troops, don't need to dribble a melta gun here or a few lascannons there among the Chapter...they deploy them in whole squads within their massive Legions. Excess in the name of the Emperor (or Warmaster, as the case may be).

View of the rear armour of the Marines

This Marine seems to be checking a setting on his weapon prior to use on loyalist fools

I game terms, these units are potentially quite powerful.  I have already used the small the five-man squad in a few games, and the multiples of lascannons proved to be quite useful on everything from loyalist vehicles to enemy infantry, particularly scary infantry like terminators.  Even on the move, the heavy weapons can "snap fire" - it is a low probability to hit, but if there are five, or better now, ten Marines, a couple of "6s" are bound to turn up on the dice. 

A "team photo" - combining the reinforcements with the squad painted in June of last year

Horus for hope!

With ten lascannons this unit can blast away at even the heaviest vehicles and either destroy them directly with a penetrating hit or wear them down with glancing hits.  In a proper position in the game table, these fellows can be quite devastating. Is there a downside? The points cost of a 10-man unit with lascannons is prohibitive, so it's really a specialized thing or a mega-game thing - but good fun in either situation!

Almost finished with the 30k painting run...just a few more bits on the desk...

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sons of Horus Reinforcements - Tactical Support Squad

"Prepare for Hope, my friends!"

I'm back from another refreshing visit to the Lake, and managed to get a bit more painting done at the cabin.  Continuing a theme seen for most of this summer, this post contains still more reinforcements for the XVI Legion, the Sons of Horus.  This is a 10-man "tactical support squad" in Mark III power armour and equipped with Volkite Calivers.

Sergeant and comms trooper

Tactical support markings courtesy of the "Betrayal at Calth" decal set

The models have embossed shoulder plates with Sons of Horus iconography and the two command models have upgrades from the Mark III command pack. The decals are taken from the "Betrayal at Calth" pack.

Mark III power armour marines sporting Volkite Calivers

You can see a bit of the weathering powder I used on the legs to give a bit of a dirty, mid-battle look

I painted these models using the higher-speed approach found with this GW tutorial.  I find it is still rather faster and more efficient than my previous plodding with glazes, but painting Mark III armour sets is a generally slower process than the smoother, less-segmented Mark IV armoured figures in that tutorial.  This was one of those little projects that became a real slog I couldn't wait to get finished...the Mark III armour is my favourite look for Horus Heresy marines, but all the segmented sections and gloomy, ominous-looking plates that look so cool can be a bit slow under the brush.  I'm glad they are finished!

The Volkite Caliver is a fun bit of fluff from GW's Horus Heresy setting, a weapon with a lineage tracing back to the Emperor's wars of unification on terra, and even serving as the original main armaments of the Space Marines before the Legions got too large for the Mechanicum to supply them, meaning they became a more specialized support weapon among the Legions.

The Mark III Marine - my favourite power armour, but kind of a pain to can't beat the pseudo-medieval look of the segmented, riveted plates

In the game they are a lot of fun to use.  I have a squad armed with these weapons serving in my World Eaters collection, and in several games these fine weapons of have mince-meat of pinheaded loyalist fools.  I definitely figured the Sons of Horus needed something similar in their ranks!  This group will have fun accompanying the regular tactical marines, hammering away at the deniers of hope and change who sadly plaque the galaxy...

The Volkite Calivers are not the best assault weapons - they can't fire effectively on the move (the Volkite Charger is useful for that). But the Calivers are pretty deadly on the defense, with a long range, high strength and a high rate of fire, and a little bit of rule fluff that scores extra hits when the other side fails their saving throws ("deflagrate" - sounds painful).  The weapons hit hard, and don't have the stupid "gets hot" rule to bother with. These guys can spend the first turn getting into a decent position and covering an assault or defense.  Having 10 of them helps to smother the enemy, and gives some sustainability in the game in terms of losses as they will certainly draw some fire. 

Ready for action in service of the Warmaster, Humanity's last hope...

Ten of these Volkite Calivers should dish out some serious abuse toward foolish, "Emperor"-obsessed loyalists

As the fall approaches my run of painting reinforcements for the Sons of Horus is nearly out of gas...since July I have finished about 50 Marines to join my XVI Legion collection - just about half a company!  I am looking forward to getting these figures out on the table sometime soon, and hopefully provoking a round of collection escalation from Dallas and/or Byron...

There are still more sitting Sons of Horus in the painting lineup (including some more chaps in Mark III armour) that I hope to finish shortly, but it will soon be time to take a bit of a break from painting 30k...Byron already has a head start on one little project I have in mind - stay tuned for more...