Thursday, April 17, 2014

Legion Project - Sons of Horus Test Model

A Space Marine from the Sons of Horus Legion
Another small post with a bit more work on my Warhammer "30K" Legion Project - a test model for the Sons of Horus. This is a plain tactical marine, wearing Mark IV power armour and carrying a "Tigrus Pattern" bolter.

I am in love with the embossed shoulder pads...soooo much better than decals

While working on my World Eaters forces, I couldn't wait to work up a test paint job for the Sons of Horus.  As Horus' own legion, they are in many ways the ultimate "bad guys" in the Horus Heresy story and will fill the same role on the table top.

I found the colour of their armour to be a bit of a challenge - some sources speak of a rather plain forest-green, the paint jobs done in the Forge World studio and the pictures in the amazing Horus Heresy rulebooks show a near-seafoam green colour, almost a shade one would expect to see on a bridesmaid dress or something. I like the seafoam-ish green better, particularly mixed with gold highlights.

I practised with some different combinations of the GW colours when painting up the Knight Titan "El Booze", and then applied them to this figure. I thought the greens turned out well, but weathering a darker armour colour is a bit more challenging, so I still have to figure that out a bit. Once again the excellent GW washes - in this case, Nuln Oil and Biel-Tan Green - really came in handy.

One down...many, many more still to go...

I still have at least another 25 World Eater marines to finish painting, so this Son of Horus will be lonely for a while yet, but it will serve as inspiration to stay focused and keep painting on this project.  We have a long weekend ahead, and the NHL playoffs are on - can't wait to settle in for some hockey and some painting.


DeanM said...

Excellent colors!

MFraser said...

That looks really cool. What colours did you use?

Greg B said...

Thanks guys. Mike, the base colour is GW Incubi Darkness, with a highlight of GW Kabalite Green and edge highlights of GW Sybarite Green. The armour was then washed with GW Biel-Tan Green wash.

The gold bits had a base of Americana Burnt Umber (a dark brown), then a coat of GW Balthasar Gold, and then a wash of GW Agrax Earthshade Wash.

Millsy said...

Nice work Greg. I think you've captured the SoH look well.

DaveV said...

Great colour choices.

Curt said...

Great job Greg! I really like the shoulder armour on this guy.