Monday, January 18, 2010

Warmaster Rehabilitation Project

As chronicled earlier in the blog, I have been attacking the pile of junk in my basement. I have discovered a lot of great unpainted/unused stuff, but also uncovered a shoddily stored Warmaster Empire army. Seeing the state of them, I have resolved to update the figures, and hopefully use them in a game some time this year.

I started by popping the infantry stips off the bases, painting some black over them, and repainting. Here is a "before and after" progress shot. On the left is a command base of Empire Halberdiers from before, and on the right is a command base post-rehab.

I have re-done the colours with a bit more contrast in the hopes of making them stand out more, and also added groundwork. Hopefully the army will be ready for action in a few weeks!

I have to admit that working on this project (as well as the dusting off the Battlefleet Gothic models and re-basing my Epic figures) has me quite fired up about the specialist games. Too bad they are so friggin expensive now! But a Brettonian army for Warmaster would be pretty would an Orc army. Maybe later in the year...

PS - surfing the GW Web site, I saw these guys. THAT would be a pretty sweet army too!

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