Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another Bit of Junk from the Basement

From the annals of "How Not To Store Your Miniatures", I bring you this example, fresh from the hoard in my basement:

That's an Empire Army for Warmaster, stored rather inelegantly to say the least. I painted these about 10 years ago? I can't remember when Warmaster first came out, but whenever it was I promptly collected an Empire Army, and painted it using my process of that time (i.e. ASAP), which was to start with white primer (?!?), use a base coat of green or blue, and cover the whole thing in a brown ink wash that was then available from Citadel (unlike the excellent washes they have today, it was a very thick, heavy ink, and of course I was too lazy to thin it out) and then dab some silver on the metal bits. So these figures look like little blobs for the most part, with the exception of some character models, and have no groundwork on the bases even (who bothered with stuff like that back then when you could just paint the bases green?)

I stumbled across this box in the midst of a recent project. Consistent with a semi-official new years resolution to try and focus more on the pile in my basemnet, I am going to try and "reclaim" these, popping them off the bases, touching up the paint, and re-basing them with sound groundwork, static grass, etc. And with the prices for "Specialist Games" today, this is way cheaper than doing another army over again.

Plus, I might try and store them properly when I'm done...

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