Saturday, January 23, 2010

Howling Griffons???

Painted up a test model tonight for my Rogue Trader Space Marine force (I hesitate to call it an "army" when I only have 25 models or so).

I had always liked the Osprey-esque colour plates from the old 40K Compendium that illustrated the Space Marine chapters involved in the "Badab War", especially the kewl kamo on the Howling Griffons marine. So I broke out one of the RT metal Marines I'd primed earlier and tried it out.

Not bad, but didn't knock my socks off either. Certainly easy enough to paint - basecoat yellow, Dark Flesh and black for the camo, drybrush Boltgun Metal, Badab Black (fitting) wash on the metal, Devlan Mud wash on the rest, done. I think I'll try a model in the traditional quartered yellow and red scheme to see which I like better.

Your thoughts are welcome, too ;-)


Greg B said...

That looks awesome - my vote is to stick with the camo pattern - those more formal reverse colour patterns look great on Brettonian Knights, and bizarre on Space Marines...

Curt said...

I dunno, the cammo, while very nice, looks like a variation of WWII German dot pattern. I actually prefer the GW Marines kicking ass wearing their bizarre rococo power armor festooned with all that whacky heraldry - it seems to better fit the 40K fluff. (Drop on planet, kill everything that looks heretical, dust off, polish kit .)

DaveV said...

I look forward to seeing the test "heraldic" scheme.

I'm torn on the colour scheme. I really like the look of the camo. However, unless they're scouts, I think Space Marines (with all their back banners and stuff) don't care too much about hiding.