Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Game This Week

Unfortunately Dallas is indisposed this Thursday, so there will be a game this week at my place. We'll play "Epic 40,000", pitting the Tau against the Orks! And for fun, we may, just may, set this on Toxo IV...

Epic 40,000 was the prior version of the Epic game - it was more abstract, and, in many ways, superior to the current Epic: Armageddon rules. Strange things happen that never happen in other 40k games - like casualties impacting your detachments' staying power, your army breaking when horrible losses occur, etc.

In Epic 40,000 there is abstracted firepower values for the different units/models - no worrying about whether it is a heavy bolter or a missile launcher etc. It makes for a more interesting game in a lot of ways. It is also possible to play with some smaller detachments which tend to get obliterated almost immediately in Epic: Armageddon.

See you Thursday!

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