Friday, January 22, 2010

There's No School Like The Old School

Check it out - "FF-16-2, Two-Headed Troll with Spiked Club" from Citadel's "Fiend Factory" range... circa 1982. I bought this model brand new (in around '82) and it's sat in my figures box for almost 30 years (!!)
Then on Wednesday I was rummaging around in said figures box looking for some stuff to trade for more Hobgoblin Wolfriders, and thought "Jeez, I should paint this guy" so I did. A nice evening's diversion.
Anyway, it kind of bears remembering that there were nice sculpts around back in the day, when a model like this cost maybe $5 instead of $40. Those models are still around, hiding in your bits box or in the back of a closet. So next time you're bored of painting your new Space Marines, or plastic Napoleonics, or whatever, grab ahold of a quarter pound of raw lead like this and paint him up just for fun. This guy really took me back, I'm glad I held onto him for all these years.
Now I'm looking to replace my long-gone box of Grenadier "Orcs of the Severed Hand". I think they might make a good warband for Mordheim, with this Troll for backup of course ;-)


Kevin H said...

NICE! I had one of those!

Curt said...

Very cool! I think this is an excellent idea. I'm going to try to dust off and mix in a couple oldies in with my new 'to-do' stuff.