Monday, January 11, 2010

Game this Week - More Problems for Toxo IV

Just when things couldn't get worse for the poor Imperial Governor on Toxo IV (see here, here and here for just a few examples), the planet has now come under blockade by Chaos forces (real ones, not the "Plague Marines" Dallas puts on a table for a 40k game which end up getting mowed down like fresh hay).

Chaos Overlord Kruschev The Obnoxious has decided that now is the time to strike, and he has led a battlefleet of horrendous Chaos warships into the space around Toxo IV, looking to strangle the already embattled planet of critical supplies.

Chaos Warlord Kruschev The Obnoxious Exhorts his Followers - note that he no longer needs one shoe thanks to Nurgle Foot Rot progression

The Governor of Toxo IV implemented some commissar-assisted rationing, backed by helpful and informative literature.

In addition to these positive things, rationing also helps prevent loyal Imperial citizens from being fed to the sludge factories as 'improvised lubricant'

The governor has sent a desperate plea for help to the Imperial Navy, and a relief fleet has been assembled - can they break the Chaos blockade?


From the dusty archives of the "Specialist Games" (and my basement) we'll fire up Battle Fleet Gothic. See you this Thursday!

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