Monday, January 4, 2010

Fun with Epic

It's been a nice holiday vacation - time with family, some new gifts, and time to paint and work on projects. Over the holidays, I focused on a particular project - rebasing my Epic 40k collection.

Inspired by a conversation with Curt in which we pondered ideal basing system for Epic (in which we agreed to the "strip" bases were not ideal), I explored the idea of basing on 30mm squares (1.5mm thick). I decided to stark with my Ork forces, which I had previously based on 35mm round bases (which didn't look great, and as a result the Orks were the only ones based this way and so saw limited action on the table because their basing was not similar to anyone else) See below for the results.

I was pleased with the look, so I rebased all of the Orks and and a substantial chunk of my Imperial Guardsmen using the new system. Smaller vehicles and things like Sentinels and "Killa Kans" were placed on smaller 25mm square bases, while larger things like Baneblades, or even just odd models, such as the Ork "Scorcha", were placed on 40mm x 30mm bases. Command bases were placed on 30mm round bases so they would stand out a little bit.

I was able to generate a good bit of momentum from the project, so I painted a bunch of extra stuff, including the Siegemaster infantry pack and some Chimeras and other vehicles Dallas had picked up for me at a Comics America sale some months back. Here is a quick pic of the unit.

In all, I rebased almost 150 inidividual 5-man units and vehicles, and painted up another 25 bases of infantry and 30 or so vehicles (gotta love 6mm - paints SO fast). I also found an un-opened Ork Gargant in my mini pile, so I put that together too.

Unfortunately I ran out of bases, but I put in for more from the good folks at Litko. Once the next round of re-basing is done, I hope to have a game using the new bases sometime early in February.

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