Monday, July 2, 2012

"You Doity Raaat!"

So, on a whim about a month ago I bought a job lot of old Citadel gangster-era figures from a collector who was selling up his collection. I figured that this would make a nice diverting project (diverting from all the other projects that I should be working on) and would make a fun skirmish-type game for Thursdays. So after about a week's work I have finished 'em.

Here are the "flatfeet", the uniformed cops that strove mightily to defend law and order from rumrunners and criminals. Or alternatively, who profited handsomely by taking bribes from the latter ;-)

There wasn't a huge variety in poses in the lot I received so I had to do my best to differentiate the gangsters with paint jobs.
I painted them in a style that in my view, befits these older, smaller castings and appeals to my sense of speed. Block painting, minimal highlighting, and washes. Fast and dirty!

There was one obvious "G-man" in the lot - here he is confronting some ne'er do wells.

I also took the oppotunity to retire some old brushes to the trash can - yikes. A blind man would know better than to paint with those...
So now we're pretty much ready for some gang warfare. As the Citadel gangster line is long OOP I'll probably supplement these with Steve Barber figures which I'm told are a similar size and should mix well.

I just have to find some cars - diecast toys should fit the bill. The Lledo "Days Gone By" line has been recommended - anybody have a line on these (other than eBay)?


TamsinP said...

Hi Dallas - if you can get hold of issue 57 of Wargames Soldiers & Strategy, the theme was Gangsters and they have a listing of suitable ranges.

For figures, if the Steve Barber ones are a good fit, then Copplestone and Black Cat should be as well.

For vehicles, Sloppy Jalopy and Dixon would be easier to get hold of, but potentially more expensive (depends how much Lledo die-casts cost). Dixon might be worth checking out for vehicle passengers at any rate.

Dallas said...

Thanks for the tips Tamsin - going to try and get ahold of that magazine!

Curt said...

Dal, check out Matchbox 'Models of Yesteryear' range and Rio Models from Italy. They are listed as 1/43 but look great with 25/28mm. I picked up a few for my WWI and Cthulhu/Pulp collections. I should have a post of them up in a week or so if you want to see them in relation to some 28mm figures.

Dallas said...

Would love to see those, Curt. The Citadel figures are quite small "true 25s" and I've been warned against the Matchbox cars... the RIO models look great too...

Curt said...

I'll see if I can get a pic of a true 25 against them for a scale comparison.