Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Forgeworld Land Raider Armoured Proteus Completed

Yesterday I posted some WIP photos of the Land Raider Armoured Proteus model from Forge World that I'd been working on this week. Last night I finished the lenses and took it out into the yard for an evening photo shoot (sorry about the shadows).

Howling Griffon Space Marine hitching a ride
Painting the Land Raider was pretty fun and I'm happy about achieving a consistent look with the Rhino I painted for the army over two years ago (!).  Blogging definitely helped with that ;-)

Above, all three vehicles I've finished for the Griffons so far. The original Rhino is joined by the 'Raider and a newly finished "flexible friend" - a Rhino/Predator. The top doors are removable and can be replaced with the Predator hull top and turret. The turret is metal; turret base and gun were scratch-built. (arrgh, I just noticed I'd forgotten to finish the headlights on the new Rhino. Grrr, back to the paint shop)

Anyway, looking forward to rolling these fellows out soon. Tonight I'll be priming a couple dozen more metal Marines that should take the army well past 1K points. Fun!


Paulalba said...

Really nice Dallas, Sweet tracks too.

Lead Legion said...

Gorgeous. Keeping old painting recipes in a blog or diary is definitely a good thing.