Monday, March 10, 2014

Poll Results - the New White Dwarf(s)

Our last poll question was:

Last week, it was announced that the White Dwarf would not continue as Games Workshop's monthly hobby magazine. It will be replaced by four weekly mini-magazines and a larger monthly publication called "Warhammer Visions". Is this a good thing?

Here's what you thought:

9%             Yes - White Dwarf was a stale catalog and it needed gone. Best to chuck it and start over with  something else
15%           No - WD should have been saved to continue as a monthly mag. So much history there
50%           No - flush the lot. I don't need to buy a monthly catalog for $10

24%           No - don't play the games, don't buy the WD, don't give a rip

Me, I tended to think the old Dwarf, while needing drastic improvement, was worth saving. However having bought a few weeks' worth of the new weekly organ, I like the new direction. The new weekly Dwarf seems to have a lot more focus to its content and there's certainly much less overt advertising. The mag isn't wrapped in plastic which makes it easier to pick up in the shop for a flick through to determine whether it's worth taking home. I quite enjoyed the previous two issues with their exclusive focus on the Imperial Knight for 40K - however, I dropped by the store on Saturday, had a look at the latest number with the latest awful plastic hell-thing for Chaos Space Marines, and put it back on the shelf.

As for "Visions", I bought the first one, thought it was very pretty but with very little compelling content, and haven't bought another. 


legatus hedlius said...

My only issue with the new weekly and the old monthly was that they have given up on any Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit content completely.

As I don't play the other two games I have stopped buying it.

Dallas said...

Good point, LH. Warhammer Visions (the monthly) does have some LotR/Hobbit content (or at least the first one did) but it's a bit of a crapshoot whether to buy it, since it's wrapped in plastic and has no contents listed on the covers...!