Saturday, March 22, 2014

World Eaters Legion Tactical Squad

World Eaters preparing to share the "Imperial Truth"…for now...
Here is a finished tactical squad of World Eaters Legion Marines from Forge World.  The marines are wearing Mark IV power armour and carrying "Tigrus" pattern bolters.  

I used pigment powders to muck up the white armour a bit
In the Legion army list, the tactical squads are equipped with bolters, and can be as large as 20 marines strong. There are no special or heavy weapons (unless you want to tune up the sergeant a bit) - the special and heavy weapons follow along in their own squads. 

The cast shoulder pads are excellent - fun to paint and they really add a lot to the figures
The squad has one marine with a vox-caster.  I did not put the "vexilla" (a small back banner) on any of them as I find them to be a bit over-the-top, but I'm having second thoughts - I might retrofit one to one of these, or mount it up on a couple of spare figures. It seems silly, but they look kinda neat when I see pictures of them online.  Byron put one on his Death Guard officer and I thought it looked really cool…

The decals (some knee pads and the "XII" on the shoulder plates) are from the World Eaters decal sheet
The Legion marines have some kind of fancy rule that lets them double-fire their bolters under certain circumstances.  I don't know if it is actually impressive, but it certainly sounds kind of alarming in the rule book at least, a sort of minor-league blade storm for Marines.

It was slow going, but these guys were a lot of fun to paint
I have also finished a World Eater heavy support marine carrying a multi-melta.  He is wearing Mark III power armour.  Where the Mark IV armour looks pretty sleek and not too far off from the "current" 40k Mark VII space marine power armour suits, the Mark III almost appears medieval - it is very, very heavy/bulky looking with a lot more rivets and such.  It is much more evocative of the "Crusade" period of the Imperium. I quite like it.

Mark III heavy support marine with multi-melta
The Mark III armour is very, very ornate
I scuffed his armour up quite a bit, figuring it would be pretty old and heavily used by the time of the late crusade/Horus heresy.  He is part of a five-man heavy support squad - all armed with multi-meltas.
Extra ammo attached to the back-pack - you can see the heavy armoured segments a bit on the backs of the legs
Hopefully Byron will post some pics of his Death Guard guys soon - I have seen them WIP and they look great. Let the heresy continue to build…I will move on to my next Legion squad.


Simon Quinton said...

Nice job on them all. They all look certainly battle hardened.

The MKIII armour came about from a need for heavy duty frontal armour during boarding actions so has a bulkier look to it.

Baconfat said...

They look really terrific. I agree on the banner cheese.

DaveV said...

I really like the look of these.

The Fury of the Legion skill allows bolter armed Marines to fire twice if stationary. Coming from 10 or 20 guys, that could be effective.

Curt said...

Awesome work Greg. I love the blue and white livery on these models - and not a spike, lick of red or tentacle in sight. How refreshing.

I'm highly suspect of these special rules for the Legions. It smacks of bad chrome added on to a rusty frame. I doubt any of these Heresy lists were rigorously play tested before release - more of a 'Gee Willickers, wouldn't it be cool if...'

I also find it weird that the World Eaters, who are renown for being close combat rock stars, get a spiff giving them extra bolter fire. WTF? Maybe they want to get rid of all their ammunition so they can get to their swords and axes...