Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sedition Wars Project - Progress Report #3

The Sedition Wars project continues apace, with the completion of the first five Vanguard Samaritans.

As I stated before, I started with zenithal highlighting; primed the figures black with P3 spray primer, then airbrushed highlights with Acryl flat white. Successive thin glazes of Games Workshop green and sepia washes allows the grey scale undercoats to shine through, emphasized the highlights and shadows of the armour and weapons.

The flesh tones were first done in Vallejo acrylics, then over-painted  with wet-on-wet tube oil paints, mostly from Weber and Winsor & Newton. The visors were also picked out using oils.

The bases were finished with various acrylic washes and oils, with some Vallejo rust wash for the man-hole cover.

To help keep track of the functionally-identical (game-wise) Samaritans, I affixed small etched brass numbers to their bases, sourced from Hasslefree Miniatures.

Next up, some more Samaritans, including heavy and special weapons...

...and one of the named characters, Akosha Nama, whose faces and hair I have already painted .

Edited To Add: These are the paints I used for the faces you see. First time I've used these Vallejo and Weber paint systems. As I indicated above, acrylic base, then oils on top. The professional artists' grade oil paints have pigments ground butter-smooth. Not having to mix up the various flesh tones means that I can work quickly from dark shadow to high highlight. The burnt sienna was used to emphasize some of the middle shadows, and the alizarin crimson was used to tint cheeks and lips slightly red. Working this way, it was 2-3 hours for the faces, easily half or less the time I usually take.


Kevin Holland said...

Looking very good so far, Dave! Good idea with the brass numbers too.

Samuli said...

Looks great! Zenithal highlights and washes really do work wonders and with surprisingly little effort!

ByronM said...

Very nice flesh tone on her, I wish I could get mine that smooth. Guess it's a time trade off right? How long do you spend on a face like that?

DaveV said...

I edited my post to comment a bit about faces.

This is the "fast paint" way for me. On something like my Hasslefree Space Elf I would be spending more time on, for example, giving shape to the upper lip and frenum.