Wednesday, March 5, 2014

15mm Battlefront "Egyptian" PT-76

So Greg's finally sucked me into his crazy Yom Kippur war project. I've agreed to do some Egyptians. The plan is for a couple platoons of tanks, some tank destroyers, and a platoon of infantry. The models are mostly bought (Khurasan T-55s gifted from Greg, Battlefront SU-100s in a trade from Greg, and Khurasan infantry as encouraged by Greg ;-) but this is the first I've painted.

It's a Battlefront PT-76 from their Vietnam range and I have to say it's as sweet as a nut. Slick assembly with a resin body and turret (magnetized!!) and metal tracks and gubbins.

I laid on a pretty basic paint job using GW paints.

I did some "chipping" with GW Mechanicus Standard Grey on a tiny bit of sponge. I like the effect.

Tactical numbers added in Arabic.

All in all I'm pretty pleased with the model and I'll be painting the rest to the same pattern. Quick and easy.


Moiterei_1984 said...

Very nice work on the tank. Your weathering looks spot on.

Greg B said...

Great work Dallas. Looks really sharp.

It's always fun when a friend gets pulled into a new insane project!

Will be fun to fill a desert table with burning tanks...

DeanM said...

Great looking camo work!