Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lonely Patrol for Battlefleet Gothic

A few months ago, I found on Kajiji an unpainted Imperial fleet for Battlefleet Gothic. The price was decent and I like the look of these little miniatures. So I bought them and I just finished painting them.

Now, the challenge is that: A. I don't know anybody else in Regina who plays Battlefleet Gothic. B. For the moment I don't have an enemy fleet to play against these. So the lonely little ships are patroling around the house trying to find enemies to do battle with.

This is so pathetic! I hope they can soon find an enemy to do battle with! Maybe Curt could help?


Curt said...

I see someone has had a little too much vacation.

I'll see if I can scare up something to match-up with your stuff. Perhaps some Heavy Cruiser Class Chaos barbies?

Very nice job on those models by the way. :)

Greg B said...

Sylvain - I'll bring my Chaos fleet next time I roll out west.

They can accompany Curt's Barbycruisers of Tzeencth...