Sunday, August 15, 2010

Identify these Foundry Napoleonics!

Ostensibly from the War of 1812 range? Americans perhaps? I've got a bunch of the old Foundry "line-drawing" catalog pages but I can't ID the officer holding the pistol - therefore am in doubt about the rest of the models.

If someone could positively ID them, I'd be very grateful.



Steve said...

Hard to tell from the photo and angle but the new Foundry website has photos here if that helps:

Curt said...

I could be wrong but with the short, side-buttoned boots and the odd shako plume/foliage I think they are Late German Infantry Marching + command from Foundry's Napoleonic Austrian range. The pistol toting officer is no longer listed (I think) but I have a similar casting, with modifications from their grenadier pack.