Sunday, August 8, 2010

First Black Powder Austrian battalion completed

Well, the progress was a little slow at the outset, but I have managed to complete my first Austrian unit for Black Powder, part of Curt's Napoleonic challenge. The figures are all Sash & Sabre castings, with the exception of the mounted officer, who is from Foundry.

The unit is comprised of 38 foot models and one mounted model, all in 25mm scale. The unit is mounted on a total of nine bases. Eight of the bases are 30mm x 50mm, while the command base is mounted with eight models on a single 60mm x 50mm base. The bases are all thin steel, for extra heft. The extra depth (an inspiration of Curt's) allows for less risk of wreckage when units charge each other on the table, while also giving extra room for things like the banners, the mounted officer etc.

Still a long way to go, but getting the first unit done is definitely an inspiration. The next unit will be all Foundry figs - another "German" unit in march attack pose. Watch for more progress here on the blog.


DaveV said...

Nice looking unit! The large number of figures is very imposing.

I also really like the deeper basing. This would be a good idea for ancients, medieval and fantasy units, especially those with long weapons such as pikes, spears or halberds.

I'm looking forward to seeing the unit in march attack pose. For the horse and musket period, I think that this is the most useful pose for massed model soldiers.

Dallas said...

Holy cow - nice work Greg. That's two Shako battalions (18 figs each) remainder two...