Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"Who is this Mowwwses?"

Hey All,

Curt here. I was feeling a little nostalgic when I dug up these photos from one of the New Years Games we had back in Winnipeg (2002?), and so I thought I'd pass them along for a laugh. Its the rather cheesy chariot race across the Red Sea. My apologies for the crap photos but I think you can get the gist of what went on.

If memory serves me correctly the scenario went something like this: Moses had just parted the Red Sea and legged it across with the slaves. Pursuing them into the middle of the wet seabed is a whole passel of young Egyptian noblemen in their chariots.

Seeing this, Moses asks The Almighty to hit 'flush' and the boys in the chariots have to dash like hell back to their shoreline before they are engulfed by the collapsing water channel. Since all of these young lads are in line for the throne they take this opportunity to thin out the bloodline a tad. A chariot drag/death race ensues, with whips, NASCAR chariot rubbing, attacking sea serpents, seaweed road obstacles and onrushing wall-o-water all taking their toll.

I drank too much beer with my brothers-in-law and I have no idea who won (Kevin, Rob?), but I think we had fun. Everyone that rolled out assembled and painted-up a Wargames Foundry chariot that I provided (which was my Tom Sawyer approach to getting them done-up - sneaky bugger ;)). Good times, good times!


kevinjrh said...

Good one! Somewhere in that 'scrum' is my painted chariot! Thanks for posting, Curt.

kevinjrh said...

ps: don't remember who won - don't think it was me though... :-(

DaveV said...

Those New Years games were a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I didn't make the chariot one.