Monday, April 20, 2009

Astronomi-con Army Showcase

Here are some of the highlights of the 50-odd armies brought to Astronomi-con Toronto, 2009.

Royce's Ravenwing:

John's Wraithlord:

John's Eldar:

John's Wave Serpent:

Iron Hands (note the scratch-built interiors for all the vehicles):

Cory's Daemons:

Cory's Greater Deaemon of Nurgle:

Nick's Phoenix Space Marines:

Nick's home made insignia, made into decals:

Garrett's Eldar:

More Armies:






Brief battle reports (I didn't take detailed notes) and in-game photos to follow.


Greg B said...

Some impressive stuff for sure. And credit to Astro for allowing non-GW vehicles into the tourney as long as they look the part.

I have to say, however, that one big turn off of all of these 40k events is the apparent need to have elaborate "carrying trays" that match the theme of your army.

I'm all for investing time and effort into the figures themselves. The drive for the TV trays drives me a little nuts though.

Dallas said...

Heh... nice "Royal Cadian Regiment" with Leopard 2 etc.!

Muskie said...

They don't have to be elaborate, but a carrying tray is a good idea. It is also worth one point in Astro Appearence scoring I believe.

DaveV said...

One army I fought against used a converted GW Balrog for a daemon. IIRC, that would never be allowed in an "official" GW tourney, due to licensing agreements, etc.

The carry tray thing is cool, but the reality is that the most tricked out tray will garner you at most 2 points out of a total of 200 points used in Astro scoring. Mostly, a tray is useful for carrying your army from table to table.

The Royal Cadians were very impressive. The LAVs are mostly plastic card, with Chimera turrets and hatches and Ork wheels.

Muskie said...

My last comment got lost in the warp...

Nice pictures are you going to do game by game mini-battlereports too?

DaveV said...

RE: Battle Reports;

I'll be providing reports and pictures, but they won't be really detailed accounts. Sadly, I didn't take notes, and I cannot remember each game on a turn by turn basis.

Vulture said...

Great photos !