Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday Game

Imperium News Network, 0331009M41:

Earlier today, officials of the Adeptus Sanitorum announced a quarantine and citizens' travel advisory for the planet Alta Mexicosa in the Ultima Segmentum (universal grid reference 7658-R567G). An outbreak of the highly contagious porcine fever virus has killed millions of Imperial citizens and resulted in closure of all spaceports on the planet.

It is anticipated that the Adeptus Ministorum will soon designate the planet a Deathworld and dispatch Imperial fleet assets preparatory to virus-bombing the planet.

In related news, Trans-Imperium Holiday Corporation also announced that its all-inclusive getaways to its resorts on the sulfur-beaches of Alta Mexicosa have been greatly reduced in price, up to 95% off, and that all vacations booked include a multi-spectrum inoculation and complimentary anti-viral facemasks (limit one per traveller).


Thursday's game will be Warhammer 40K - pitting the intrepid Imperial Guard defenders of Alta Mexicosa against the pox-ridden, plague-carrying minions of Father Nurgle. Can the brave Guardsman defend the laboratories of the Planetary Health Organization long enough for a cure to be synthesized, or will the pustulent forces of Chaos and their infected allies conquer another Imperial world?


Cam said...

I love the idea of virus bombing a planet in order to prevent the galactic spread of a different virus.

Greg B said...

Pretty standard Imperial "public health" response.