Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mechani-Kon Game Three: Cleanse

Opponent: Bruce and his Space Wolf drop pod army
Wolf Guard Battle Leader – Frost Blade, bolt pistol, frag, meltabombs, Wolf Pelt
Wolf Priest – plasma pistol, frag, meltabombs, Wolf Pelt
5 x Drop Pods – 2 w/ Deathwind launchers
10 x Grey Hunters – frag, flamer
10 x Grey Hunters – 2x plasma pistol, power fist, frag
10 x Grey Hunters – 2 x plasma pistol, 2 x power weapon, meltagun, frag
10 x Blood Claws – 2 x power fist
10 x Blood Claws – 2 x power fist
Landspeeder – multi-melta, assault cannon

Scenario: Setup was diagonally across an urban highway, running through some low ridges; the highway was covered with barricades. This was a kill point game with some twists: an army’s highest point HQ choice was worth 3 KP, an army’s highest point unit was worth an additional KP, and squads broken at the end of the game were worth 1 KP.

Major Victory: Player has the most kill points
Minor Victory: Player has at least 5 kill points

Everything in the Space Marine army would deep strike. I chose to go second, and put everything in reserve; the Spiders would come in from my table edge. Just before the game started, there was nothing on the table from either side – very odd to see.

The Space Wolves dropped a trio of pods in the middle of the multilane highway, within mutual support of each other. Grey Hunters disembarked out the west side of the closest drop pod.

The Farseer, Autarch, both Avenger squads and the Banshees showed up for the party. The Avenger Serpents moved just south and east of the ridge. The Avengers disembarked in a wedge between their two Wave Serpents. The Banshees' Wave Serpent moved onto the table just to the east of the Avenger boats. The Farseer came on supporting the Avengers, and the Autarch moved behind the Banshee’s Serpent. Two full Bladestorms and concentrated vehicle fire washed over the Grey Hunters. Bruce’s luck deserted him completely – despite the cover, all the Grey Hunters were shot down and the pod destroyed. The photo below is from a vantage point behind the Avengers, taken just after the last of the Marine squad was removed as casualties.

The Space Puppies dropped the remainder of their force in the third turn. The Landspeeder tried a bold move, deep striking near the Banshees’ Wave Serpent. Sadly, it deviated right on top of a wrecked drop pod. Failing its Dangerous Terrain test, it crashed. Despite this setback, the Battle Leader and his flamer squad Grey Hunters made a bold move. Risking deviation off the west table edge, they landed just west of the ridge and disembarked into the woods. Blood Claws dropped and disembarked to the southeast of the ruined Grey Hunter pod. The northernmost Marines moved south to support their battle brothers.

Bottom of the turn, the Dragons showed up. The Farseer Doomed the Blood Claws and moved towards the Battle Leader. Both Avenger squads were shot dry, so they mounted up and their Serpents moved at combat speed towards the woods. The Dragons’ Serpent moved onto the table and they disembarked. About half were in range of the Battle Leader’s squad. The Banshees dismounted and moved towards the Blood Claws, along with the Autarch. Their Serpent moved to the east of the Blood Claws’ pod, to channel the movement of the other Space Marines in a westerly direction.

Dragon fire killed a few Grey Hunters. The Banshees, defying all tradition, fired their pistols, killing some Blood Claws. The Autarch destroyed the Blood Claw drop pod with his fusion gun. The ensuing explosion killed yet more Blood Claws - and hit a Banshee, but her armour held up. The Autarch then assault moved south.

A saga should be written for the last stand of the Blood Claws, who held their ground despite all the shooting casualties they took. The Banshees launched themselves toward the Iron Men. Clenching their weapons, the Blood Claws counter charged the Banshees. The area around the pod became a shambles of whirling fighters. Afterward, all the remaining Blood Claws were down on the ground. The women of the Banshee Shrine consolidated back south, away from enemy fire.

Fourth turn, the Battle Leader and his men tried to move out of the woods, but they rolled very badly. As they tried to disentangle themselves from the underbrush, they started singing their death songs. They wrecked the all-shuriken cannon Serpent. The other Blood Claw squad moved towards the wreck of the first Blood Claw drop pod.

The last Grey Hunter squad caught a glimpse of the Autarch. A plasma weapon sent the Eldar officer into his next life, probably as a Wraith construct.

The Spiders finally deigned to show up and moved onto the table. The Farseer Doomed the Blood Claws, and moved onto the ridge, but she missed the Battle Leader’s pod with her thrown Singing Spear. The Dragons moved north and their fire killed a few more Grey Hunters around the Battle Leader. The Avengers in the immobilized Serpent dismounted. Their Bladestorm killed the Battle Leader and his few remaining men.

The other Avenger Serpent moved onto the ridge. The Avengers dismounted, to pour their fire into the Blood Claws, killing a few. A Krak missile destroyed another pod.

In the close combat phase, the Farseer came back off the ridge. The Banshees moved, fleeted and then charged the Blood Claws, killing several. A single power fist Marine remained on his feet to strike back, killing a couple of Banshees.

As the fifth turn started, a time warning was called. We would play through turn 5 and call an end to the game. The Grey Hunters moved south and poured fire into the Spiders, killing two. Their morale held.

Another saga should be created for the last of the Blood Claws, cut down by the two-handed sword of Exarch Rhapsody. The Banshees consolidated to the northwest.

The Farseer cast her spear again, destroying a drop pod. The remainder of the Eldar army ran or skimmed towards the Grey Hunters. After all shooting was resolved, a drop pod and five Space Marines were all that remained of a once-proud battle force. The only Kill Points given up by the Eldar were for the hapless Autarch.

Result: Eldar Major Victory

The Eldar gained two extra battle points: one for killing at least 50% of their opponents available KPs, and one for killing the Space Wolf general. The Space Wolves lost a battle point for scoring 3 KPs or less, but gained a battle point for killing the Autarch.

Fourth game (and the tournament finale): Eldar vs. Byron's Dark Angels!


Greg B said...

Good stuff Dave. Any destruction of Space Wolves is a worthwhile endeavour.

MFraser said...

A drop pod force just isn't a good plan against such a fast army. I also agree with Greg. Space Wolves tend to be all show and no go.

Anonymous said...

Good read as always... One question I had: "so they mounted up and their Serpents moved flat out"?

Did you mean they moved 12"? Per the Embarking rules a Skimmer can't SMF on the turn a unit gets in...


DaveV said...
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DaveV said...

Good catch. The twin-cannon Avenger Serpent started its move roughly where the blue counter amidst where the teal Avengers are running in the final photo - so, combat speed (12"). I've changed the report accordingly.