Thursday, April 23, 2009

AstroTO Game Three - Crash Site Recovery

Opponent: Jim's Dark Eldar:
Autarch and her Incubi retinue, riding a Raider skimmer
Three squads of Warrior infantry, all with Dark Lances
Warrior squad mounted on a Raider
Wych squad riding a Raider
Ravager gunship
Squad of Wyches all riding Reaver jetbikes

The table had a crashed spaceship in the middle, with woods and ridges all around. To win the scenario a player's forces had to merely hold more objectives than their opponent - there were 6 large containers randomly scattered about, plus the spaceship pilot. The pilot moved a random distance each turn, away from the nearest models; he could be captured by being defeated in close combat. The boxes could be picked up only by moving into contact in the movement phase, but when first picked up they might explode on a roll of "1" on a D6, with a S7 AP4 large blast marker. Yikes!

Only Troops could set up. The Dark Eldar went first and set up all four Warrior squads. The Eldar kept everything off table. The Dark kin swiftly captured two packages and revealed the unstable cargo of a third, which exploded.

Next turn the Farseer, Autarch and both Avenger squads came on from reserve. The Avengers disembarked and unleashed a pair of Bladestorms. They wiped out one Warrior squad, freeing an objective.

Another Dark Eldar squad was reduced to just a single Warrior, holding an objective; he mounted back on his Raider to flee the scene.

Reserves rolled randomly for board edge. Rolling a "6" the Reaver jetbikes came on right beside the Blood Redeemers (Avenger squad two). The biker Wyches wiped out the Avengers in a hail of rifle fire and flashing blades, and then consolidated towards the Farseer. The Ravager showed up and nailed most of the Companions (Avenger squad one) with blast markers, but their morale held.

At the start of the game I had specified that the Banshees would come in on foot, separate from their skimmer. Rolling a "1" for table edge, they came in right behind the Reavers. They ran over, charged in and wiped them out with their power swords before any of the surprised Wyches could strike a blow in return.

Wave Serpent fire brought down the Ravager (those open topped skimmers can really dish out the pain, but they can't take much damage).

The action heated up in the middle of the table as an epic fight for the pilot commenced. The Spiders teleported from their board edge, then assaulted and captured the pilot.

The Wyches came screaming in on their Raider, assaulting the Spiders and freeing the pilot. The Autarch joined the fray, adding his laser lance to support the Spiders. The Spiders were wiped out and the Autarch defeated. The Wyches consolidated south to drive the Autarch off the table.

Meanwhile, the Banshees, Dragons and surviving Avengers had all seized objectives.

The Archon and her retinue had earlier dismounted in some woods beside an open objective. Trying to salvage a tie, they moved toward the container, screened by their Raider skimmer. Rolling low for difficult terrain, the Archon was the only one who could reach the objective and pick it up. She just had to avoid rolling "The Scottish Number" to successfully capture it...


Even I shouted in dismay when the container exploded in the Autarch's face. Her protective field and her bodyguards' armour protected them from the resulting blast.

The Farseer was able to jet over to the pilot and successfully assault him, capturing him. The other Aspect Warriors either mounted up or ran away from the action, protecting their objectives.

The game ended, with the objective tally Eldar 3 (plus the pilot), Dark Eldar 1.

Result: Eldar Victory

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Greg B said...

Dave I love that you got the photo of the "Scottish number" live from the game!