Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Shout-Out to Kromlech and Meeplemart

Several weeks ago I was on a business trip to Toronto and stopped in at the new and improved Meeplemart. An unbelievable store - by all means try to get there if you're ever in the GTA.

Anyway, they carry a vast array of miniatures including the very cool Orks from Polish atelier Kromlech. So I took the opportunity to pick up their excellent Ork Pilot, a cool Field Chirurgeon (aka Painboy) and the Ork Operator and Goliath Mine (a pastiche of the German remote-controlled demolition vehicle from WW2).

Unfortunately the Goliath kit was missing its tracks, which I hadn't noticed until I got back home. So I emailed Kromlech and heard back from the boss, Artur Sek, who promised to send replacement parts.

Yesterday I got a tiny parcel from Kromlech in the mail, containing TWO sets of Goliath tracks and a bonus figure - a Gobbo Overseer!

So "bravo" to Kromlech for awesome customer service and to Meeplemart for carrying their stuff in the first place!

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