Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sedition Wars Project - Terrain

After my last post about table top Sedition Wars, I was really hot to complete some of the terrain sub-projects I have in the queue.  Sedition Wars, and other close tactical sci-fi skirmish games like Infinity, need a LOT of terrain. This prevents the game from degenerating into a static war of attrition, as the sides hunker down afraid to expose themselves.

Accordingly, I spent the balance of the summer working on various terrain pieces. Most of the 18 finished models illustrated are laser cut MDF kits from Conscript Byron's company, SG2 Creations.

Possibly my favourite terrain piece to model and paint was a two-story sushi restaurant, seen below (a couple of my Sedition Wars figs are in the shot, for scale).

Camera Roll-1115

The roof and floors come apart, to allow figures to be placed inside.

Camera Roll-1117

The building was painted mostly with Army Painter spray paints, and lightly weathered with Vallejo pigments. See here for the inspiration for this structure.

Camera Roll-1116

Here's an SG2 prototype for a 3-story building.

Camera Roll-1112

Again, the roof and floors come apart. The AC unit makes a useful handle to pull the roof off.

Camera Roll-1113

Like Dallas, I also picked up a set of 6 shipping containers. They're labelled with the brands of various evil corporations from TV and the movies, downloaded from the internet.

Camera Roll-1107

Warning labels were free downloads from Toposolitario.

Camera Roll-1108

A large terrain block is this mall made from 4 separate Modern Strip Mall Sections. Put together they are 2 feet wide. I used warmer colours for the buildings. The various retail signs were brand logos downloaded from the internet. As for the choice of retail establishments, I remember the movie Demolition Man (Sandra Bullock: "...Taco Bell was the only restaurant to survive The Franchise Wars...So, now all restaurants are Taco Bell!"), and I figured that in the future people will still need estheticians, fashion, and booze.

Camera Roll-1118

The two end buildings each have a different side window option.

Camera Roll-1123

The roofs come off; the "supports" are the handles for removal. For now, I plan on keeping the mall furniture-free (except for certain strategic points), for ease of play. However, various companies make futuristic furniture, computers, shelving, etc. in an appropriate scale.

Camera Roll-1121

I used leftover ladders pieces from the shipping containers for roof access. Other small posters and signs were from Toposolitario and the ones Byron used for his 28mm buildings.

Camera Roll-1122

Camera Roll-1120

Camera Roll-1124

I also finished 6 Quonset huts from FSG's Dust Tactics Airfield Accessory Pack. Dust Tactics is a Weird War II game in 1/48 scale, close enough for my purposes. Zenithal highlighting brings out the curved shape of these structures.

Camera Roll-1109

These are injected-mold plastic models, with some nice details.

Camera Roll-1114

The Sedition Wars Project will be set aside briefly in order for me to paint my Space Station Terrain Project (I finally get to re-create the Death Star Trench run!). However, thereafter I shall return to the Strain and more tabletop terrain. I have also purchased some other kits in foam and  MDF, including a mag-lev train from BP Laser. All of this will go onto a Hawk Wargames Urban Battlefield terrain board.

It's been a year since I started this project. I have been lucky to be able to stay focused on it. There are so many other models to paint!


Kevin Holland said...

They turned out great, Dave! (and nice work on the cutting, Byron!)

Greg B said...

Great work Dave. These look excellent, and I respect anyone who can manage to paint terrain - I just never get around to it, would rather gouge my own eyes out.

That will be some table once you guys set it up. Byron's stuff looks really amazing once it is painted up.

Curt said...

Great stuff Dave! You should get some names of local Winnipeg haunts for your storefronts. I'd love to see a Salisbury House and a Baked Expectations (and maybe a bombed out Pendragon Games to warm my black, black heart...). ;)

Millsy said...

Haha! Great to see Blue Sun getting a look in. Is that container full of Fruity Oaty Bars I wonder?

ByronM said...

Awesome work Dave! It's nice to see some of the stuff actually painted up and it looks really good. I finally get a laser to cut terrain and since then have had almost no time to paint my own, since I keep getting requests for new things to make for other people.

Dallas said...

Good stuff Dave. Thanks for the warning sign link there.