Friday, October 10, 2014

Desert Rats in 15mm - 8th Army from Peter Pig

8th Army Platoon in 15mm from Peter Pig
Another little random project from the painting table - a platoon of 8th Army "Desert Rats" in 15mm. The figures are from Peter Pig, and are based individually for skirmish gaming in systems such as Chain of Command, Bolt Action or Dallas' "Blitzkrieg" rules. 

Platoon command on the hex-shaped base
I already have a healthy amount of WW2 desert theatre stuff based for Flames of War that I painted several years ago, so I already have a number of vehicles, trucks and tanks etc. to go along with these fellows.

Light mortar team

AT rifle team
Peter Pig 15mm figures are the best ones out there, nice enough sculpts to make individually-based skirmish gaming possible in the scale.  This was a platoon pack from Peter Pig, and you get a large number of figures - enough for three sections of 10 troops complete with Bren teams, and command elements including an AT rifle team and light mortar team.  There are over 40 castings in the pack, which is a nice feature of using 15mm figures for skirmish gaming - it's very economical.

Infantry section led by NCO (on square base)

Another view of the infantry - two man Bren teams are on the oval-shaped bases
The square bases represent NCOs/junior leaders and the hex shaped base is for the platoon commander/senior leader.  The different shapes are used to make it easier to identify what's what on the smaller 15mm figures, inspired by Regina Conscript Curt.

Ready to make their stand at Alamein and elsewhere across the western desert!
Up next are some DAK opponents for these guys.


Phil said...

Love these Peter Pig minis, nice idea with the hex-shaped base...great job!

Kevin Holland said...

Those look really good, Greg! I look forward to seeing them in action!

Admiral Drax said...

These are beautifully painted, and you're right: Peter Pig sculpts are wonderfully detailed and characterful!

Curt C said...

Wonderful work Greg. Those are some cracking sculpts - they almost look like they are 20mm.

Michael Mills said...

Stunning stuff Greg! They look more like 28mm.

Greg B said...

Thanks very much guys! I hope to get these on to the table for a scrap soon!

DaveV said...

These look awesome, Greg!

I also really like the varied base shapes.

Do you have British tanks in the queue?

Sparker said...

Great looking Desert Rats! I agree that Peter Pig figs are the best out there...