Tuesday, October 21, 2014

DAK 20mm Flak Gun in 15mm

Afrika Korps 2cm Flak from Battlefront - 15mm figures
 A scary little support weapon for my 15mm DAK troops - a 2cm flak gun with four crew.  The model and figures are from Battlefront. 

Not as nice as Peter Pig, but they still look the business
Of course AA weapons are pretty silly for a skirmish game, but if you are like me, you immediately see these things and imagine their sinister application to the poor ground troops.  Firing a heavy shell at a high rate of fire, weapons that do bad things to aircraft do terrible things to the ground pounders.

I did half of the crew on separate bases so they could be removed as casualties, and also so the gun itself could fit into modeled defensive positions on the table
The quality of the Battlefront castings are nowhere near the quality of the Peter Pig sculpts.  But the Battlefront castings have a quirky character all their own - they seem kind of lanky, and low on long-term hope. It looks right for the setting, even if they are not as nice at the Peter Pig figures.

Watching the skies...but likely to open fire on infantry too

The 2cm gun itself is a fine model. This sucker will make a fine objective for skirmish games, as well as a fairly horrifying participant in the ground skirmishes for rules like Chain of Command, Bolt Action, and Dallas' home-grown Blitzkrieg rules. Heads up, Desert Rats...


Allison M. said...

I seem to remember this weapon from "Saving Private Ryan", where its effects were catastrophic against infantry in the open.

Also, I feel like Battlefront models might sometimes lack quality, but are cheaper and more available than other makers', which is a virtue all on its own.

Moiterei_1984 said...

Nice work again.