Monday, February 8, 2010

A piece of terrain for Epic/Aeronautica Imperialis

Not a very productive weekend on the painting front, I'm afraid (fortunately it was extremely productive on the wedding-planning front). Mostly only managed to make progress on my ongoing, not-very-interesting-in-terms-of-blogging-but-now-that-I-have-started-I-should-keep-going-till-I-finsh project of rebasing my entire Epic 40k collection. So far I have rebased 100% of my Epic Orks, 90% of my Epic Tau, 75% of the Squats (yes - I have some Squats - WTF?), 60% of my Imperial Guard, and a lame 0% of my Space Marines, Eldar and other Epic odds and ends (like traitor Marines, a detachment of Inquisitorial storm troopers and Grey Knights etc).

Even so, having so much of my Epic collection actually look like part of the same collection is great. I might even finish the re-basing this year.

But I did put the finishing touches on one thing - a piece of terrain! It will make a great objective for a game of Epic 40k or Aeronautica Imperialis.

It's a big hunk of (well-sculpted) resin. I can't even remember where I got it - JR miniatures I think? The guns are removable, so there can be different piece of artillery in there, or even just supplies, troops, whatever. I look forward to using it in a game sometime.

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