Wednesday, February 3, 2010

(More) Rogue Tradin'

Finished an RT Ork Dreadnought (thanks Sean) and an old RT "Inquisitor" figure so I thought I'd pitch out some inspirational pics. Plus a mostly-finished Howling Griffons Space Marine, this time in "heraldic" livery.

Yes, the Rogue Trader project progresses. Certainly sometime in Spring we will be delving back into the goodness of Warhammer 40K "first edition" - of course back then nobody called it "first edition" because it was the ONLY edition!!

(That is, if I can resist taking time to paint the new arrivals yesterday courtesy of eBay... Grenadier's "Orcs of the Severed Hand" from 1982... soon to become a Mordheim warband!!)


Greg B said...

Sweet - I love the Ork dreadnought!!!

DaveV said...

Loving all that old stuff.

IIRC, the downside to RT-era rules was how long it took to resolve things. As long as the forces are fairly small (a couple of squads and heroes) it shouldn't be too bad.

Curt said...

I love those 'Beakies'! Awesome! Seeing one of those makes me very nostalgic - I'm getting all misty...

(I prefer this paint scheme to the camo.)